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Dana White wants to sell 100,000 tickets to potential UFC fight at Cowboys Stadium

DanawhiteA few days after Anderson Silva beat the living blank out of Stephan Bonnar in a massive middleweight "fight" in Rio de Janiero, UFC president Dana White said again he really wants to do a big fight at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington. Sooner the better.

On a media conference call today to promote the UFC, and the TV show The Ultimate Fighter, I asked White how close they are to making a big fight at Cowboys Stadium a reality.

"It just depends on how everyhting lines up; what big fights we can make. What injuries (fighters are dealing with)," White said. "We are planning to do a big fight there."

White, the Cowboys and UFC are not going to hold just some fight at Cowboys Stadium. 

I asked White about a potential timeline and he said, "As soon as we can make that a big fight; we are hoping to sell 100,000 tickets."

That could mean Georges St. Pierre vs. Silva. That would do it.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has previously expressed great enthusiasm to host a UFC event, and a six-digit attendance figure would be beneficial to both sides.

From a scheduling standpoint from the Cowboys side, the earliest we could expect is February. Hopefully in the spring we will see the UFC come to Arlington.

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Dallas Fight Club

Dallas fight fans would show up for this! BRING IT!!!

TIm in Arlington

I'll give Jerry Jones credit; his stadium is a heck of a play to throw a party and have a fight. Bring it.

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