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Don't be denial about the demise of this Dallas Cowboy

Kim-Kardashian-and-Miles-AustinUndrafted out of Monmouth and really a wonderful story of development, for a brief period Miles Austin was not only Kardashian Kandy but one of the better WRs in the NFL.

Today he is a guy who looks very little like the man who in 2009 and in 2010 was a bonafide No. 1 target.

Austin has been crucified for blowing off the media on Monday, one day after there was rather damning video of both he and fellow WR Kevin Ogletree jogging back to the line of scrimmage late in the Cowboys' loss against the Ravens.

Ogletree admitted he goofed. Austin not so much.

Don't let this one play derail you from the obvious: Austin is not the threat he was once.

2009: 16 games, 81 rec., 1,320 yards, 11 TD
2010: 16 games, 60 rec,. 1,041 yards, 7 TD
2011: 10 games, 43 rec., 579 yards, 7 TD
2012: 5 games, 20 rec., 331 yards, 3 TD

He has had one 100 yard receiving game this season - against the Bucs - but that was his first since Week 2 in 2011.

If he maintains this pace, Austin will catch 64 passes for 1,059 yards with 10 TDs. That is hardly a bad season. He is only 28, so he is in the prime of his career.

You have to wonder if the hamstring injuries have slowly robbed Austin of his speed, and thereby reduced him to second tier status.

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Austin is one of those guys that had a few breakout games and was immediately annointed as a superstar by delusional fans,sports reporters and radio jockeys. That paled in comparison to the man-crush that the uber-delusional owner/GM has for him and other borderline Cow "superstars". He's a good player but nowhere near the kind of accolades and contract $$ heaped on him by JJ and the DFW media. I think part of his problem now is that he drank some of his own Kool-Aid and sees himself as something other than then hard working kid who made a little something of himself.

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