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Fearle$$ football predictions: Auburn +15 is tempting over the Aggies

8b8632fb1070c14d2d7dbe765b7ae180I began the 2012 season with $50 of Monopoly money, and plan to fake bet a fake $10 spot on five college/pro games against the line to see how smart I am.

I slayed 'em last week, proving once again I should move to Vegas - 4-1: EAT IT!

Last week's results:
1. Stanford (-3) at California. TREE. WIN
2. Purdue at Ohio State (-19). BUCKEYES. LOSS
3. LSU (-3.5) at Texas A&M. TIGERS. WIN
4. Cleveland Browns at Indianapolis Colts (-2.5). COLTS. WIN
5. Baltimore Ravens at Houston Texans (-6.5). TEXANS. WIN

This week's picks:
1. Texas A&M (-15) at Auburn. WAR EAGLE. The head coach just received a no confidence vote from his boss, A&M is coming off an emotional home loss and this is soooo many points.
2. Notre Dame at Oklahoma (-11.5) SOONERS. I'm not even sure I believe this but I desperately want to see ND eat it, and I don't even like the Sooners.
3. Texas Tech at Kansas State (-7). WILDCATS. Tech is improved but not this improved.
4. New England Patriots v. St. Louis Rams 47 over/under: OVER. Expect Brady & Gisele to put on a show for their fans in London.
5. San Diego Chargers (-3) at Cleveland Browns. CHARGERS. This should disappoint the Norv haters.
(Fans of Zliff ... he had to take the week off. He has a good reason. He will be back next week.)


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George Shannon

I don't like you or your blog but you made me money last week. On a lark I used your picks just like you laid out and won a couple bucks. I'm going with you again. The only pick that worries me is the ND game. That's a lot of points but if you say so I'll take your advice.

The Big Mac Blog


Wait, you don't like my blog but you made money off my picks? You should LOVE my blog. Of course, after you get cleaned out this week by following my blind luck approach you will have the right to hate it again.

George Shannon

Why do I read your stupid blog. Notre Dame is about to either beat or cover on OU. You suck and I'm a dunce for reading your crap. Never again.


Guess 15 points to Auburn wasn't so many after all...

Game on player

2 out of 3 isn't too bad. Well done. I don't think ANYBODY had Notre Dame winning at Oklahoma. Time to see how the Chargers turn out as well as New England.

Mike H.

Don't sweat the Browns game big guy. Nobody had that game. Norv Turner should be ejected from coaching then the planet. He is horrible. That team should be winning games not losing to the lowly Browns.

Cowboys Suck

How in God's name did the Browns win?

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