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Fearle$$ football predictions: Like the Aggies -12.5 at Ole Miss

Texans-cheerleaders-3The Big Mac Blog returns with more football predictions. When we last left this segment I was bathing in imaginary riches. I began the 2011 season with $50 of Monopoly money, and by season's end I was plus $100. Cash. 

Last week I did it large: 4-1. I am now at plus $40 for the season.
1. Texas (-2.5) at Oklahoma State. HORNS. WIN
2. Baylor at West Virginia (-11.5). BEARS. WIN
3. Wisconsin at Nebraska (-11.5). HUSKERS. LOSS
4. Missouri at Central Florida (-2.5). TIGERS. WIN
5. Cincy Bengals (-2.5) at Jacksonville Jags. BENGALS. WIN

This week's picks:
1. Kansas at Kansas State (-24.5). WILDCATS. I know my Jayhawks.
2. Texas A&M (-12.5) at Ole Miss. AGGIES. The Rebels need too much help against Mr. Manziel.
3. Northwestern at Penn State (-2.5). WILDCATS. No faith in Nittany Lions.
4. Clev. Browns at NY Giants (-9). GIANTS. Even less faith in Brandon Weeden's Browns.
5. Houston Texans (-8) at NY Jets. J-E-T-S, Jets! Jets! Jets! Too many points. 

An exciting new addition to this post has thus far been a disaster. A long time bookie, "Zliff" so far is just 1-3 in his lock picks, but did note, "This is why I stopped doing this."

1. Cal (+2.5) at UCLA. BEARS. Why not?
2. LSU at Florida over/under 42: UNDER.
3. Pitt at Syracuse (-1.5) ORANGEMEN.  


Fox Sports

You were on fire last week. I LOVE your picks this week. I would have stayed away from the Kansas game, but such is life I guess.

I'm anxious to see how you do this weekend. I still think you have a shot at handicapping for a living. You have covered sports for forever.


I like your Aggie v Ole Miss pick. I'm a Rebel fan but this year is going to be tuff. Their defense is small, well coached, but not deep enough to play against quality offenses. Bet against them when playing teams that like to run up the score and you'll make money. That said, don't be surprised to pull off at least one upset this year. (this game ain't it, but Ole Miss still can get a W against a quality opponent)


For what it's worth, the last time a Sumlin team faced a Mississippi team, he got his hat/helmet handed to him in a run-away... USM 49/UofH 28 (UH was ranked 6th)...and he had a 'Mr Football' QB play'n for him then (Case Keenum, remember?). USM crushed a perfect season for the Cougs. Don't under estimate a hungry bear. Remember the Rebs shut down Bama's big D in the second half...That was not a fluke... These guys are coming of age... The Rebs will show up to hand Sumlin his hat again. OM>35/Ags<35.

Billy T.

Mac..mad props. You roard back with some serious wins last week. Solid. For what it's worth, I like your picks this week. I would have begged off the Kansas game, but I understand. It's an emotional thing. Totally cool. Good luck and I'll be anxious to see how you do. Keep up the good work.


Mac... I want your bookie! They dont put any juice! LOL



You have the best sports blog in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Nice picks last week.

Keep it up.

Weis is aweful

Gutsy call on the Kansas game. Weis couldn't find a victory if it were burried in a plate of mashed potatos and gravy.

Why did the hire Charlie again??? I hope he was free.

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