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Fearle$$ football predictions: LSU (-3.5) vs. Aggies is a winner

59881315The Big Mac Blog returns with more football predictions. When we last left this segment I was bathing in imaginary riches. I began the 2011 season with $50 of Monopoly money, and by season's end I was plus $100. Cash.

Last week I started out 2-0 only to be done in by Norv Turner to finish 2-3. I am now plus $40 for the season.
The results:
1. Oklahoma (-3.5) v. Texas in Dallas. SOONERS. WIN
2. Alabama (-21) at Missouri. TIDE. WIN
3. West Virginia (-4) at Texas Tech. WVA. LOSS
4. Buffalo Bills at Arizona Cardinals (-4.5). CARDS. LOSS
5. Denver Broncos at SD Chargers (-1.5) CHARGERS. LOSS   

This week's picks:
1. Stanford (-3) at California. TREE. Big come back after a kick-in-the-teeth loss at Notre Dame.
2. Purdue at Ohio State (-19). BUCKEYES. Los Boilermakers es mas terrible.
3. LSU (-3.5) at Texas A&M. TIGERS. Johnny Ball, meet LSU's defense.
4. Cleveland Browns at Indianapolis Colts (-2.5). COLTS. Bounce back week for Luck.
5. Baltimore Ravens at Houston Texans (-6.5). TEXANS. The Cowboys pumped the prime on a large Ravens' loss.

An exciting new addition to this post has thus far been a work in progress. A long time bookie, "Zliff", rebounded last week with a 3-1 performance. He is so far is 6-5 in his lock picks.

1. LSU at Texas A&M over/under 52 points: OVER 
2. South Carolina at Florida (-3.5). GATORS
3. Texas Tech (-1.5) at TCU. HORNED FROGS

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Tiger living large in Big D

It can't be a good sign that I actually AGREE with The Big Mark Blog.

Nice picks sports boy. My money is with you this weekend.

LSU is going to crush the life out of A&M.

Fantasy F

Ziff's picks this week are a joke. He is probably correct about TCU but the over/under on LSU is rediculous. No way LSU lets that many points get scored. Look for a look scoring LSU game. Take the under on LSU-A&M contest.

Big on the Big 10

no way Ohio State covers. Boilers are weak but they ain't that weak.

Fort Worth Reader

My boys at A&M are giving your Tigers all they can handle. The SEC is tuff but Texas BELONGS!!!

Boiler in Texas

Your blog is as bad as your picks. OU prevailed by the skin of their teeth but they didn't even come close to covering.

The Reflex

Zliff is as big of a joke as you and your crappy blog. Nice pick on the Tech-TCU game. I lost my a** on that pick. I'm never clicking on this site again. Thanks for nothing.

Snap'n necks & Cash'n checks

Looks like you saved yourself with the Colts pick and Ravens pick.

Not a bad weekend.

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