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Fearles$$ football predictions: Sooners to cover 3.5 vs. Horns plus Zliff's picks

3241-24FrThe Big Mac Blog returns with more football predictions. When we last left this segment I was bathing in imaginary riches. I began the 2011 season with $50 of Monopoly money, and by season's end I was plus $100. Cash.

Last week I survived and finished 3-2. I am now plus $50 for the season. That's called grinding out wins.
The results:
1. Kansas at Kansas State (-24.5). WILDCATS. WIN
2. Texas A&M (-12.5) at Ole Miss. AGGIES. LOSS.
3. Northwestern at Penn State (-2.5). WILDCATS. LOSS.
4. Clev. Browns at NY Giants (-9). GIANTS. WIN.
5. Houston Texans (-8) at NY Jets. WIN.

This week's picks:
1. Oklahoma (-3.5) v. Texas in Dallas. SOONERS. Landry Jones does not have to be Sam Bradford.
2. Alabama (-21) at Missouri. TIDE. Missouri is learning it needs a better QB.
3. West Virginia (-4) at Texas Tech. WVA. Mountaineers are always good for 1 road loss; won't be this.
4. Buffalo Bills at Arizona Cardinals (-4.5). CARDS. Long flight & Bills stink.
5. Denver Broncos at SD Chargers (-1.5) CHARGERS. Manning doesn't do well in SD.  

An exciting new addition to this post has thus far been a work in progress. A long time bookie, "Zliff", rebounded last week and is so far is 3-4 in his lock picks.

1. Florida at Vanderbilt (+9). VANDY
2. West Virginia at Texas Tech (+4). TECH. Back to back trips to Texas for WVA - no way.
3. Dallas Cowboys (+3.5) at Baltimore Ravens. COWBOYS. Win outright.
4. Indy Colts at NY Jets (-3.5). JETS. About time for Andrew Luck to throw 5 picks. 


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The Gaming Wizard

mmmm... i like your picks 'okay'. You are further ahead than I thought you would be.

I like Denver over San Diego. That will be interesting to watch. And Alabama thumping MO is a tuff call. I would have stayed away from that one. Bama is better than everybody but Saban ain't trying to score people to death and MO is decent.

We shall see.

Sad in Austin

Your Sooners pick was money. I wish I had bet with you. I got smoked. I thought Texas was going to take it to the house.

Tech Fan

Give it up for my Mountaineers! They are my favorite team this week!



Not a bad weekend so far, but you are going to need San Diego to do it for you Monday night. I think that was a bad bet. Almost as bad as your blog but not quite.

Indy Mike

good call on the Chargers v Broncos. its early in this game and i'm going to bed. broncos blew it big time early. you are right. manning against the chargers is not good. too bad.

Indy Mike

....seems like i went to bed a little too soon.

i can hardly believe denver came back to win that one. give it up for the sheriff.

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