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Find a happy place: 5 positives from latest Dallas Cowboys horror show

1anuQN.St.58BALTIMORE, Maryland - One of the underlining messages coming from the Dallas Cowboys' locker room after their two-point loss against the Ravens was the many positives that came from the loss.

So rather than bemoan the realities of the game such as, you know, they lost again, let's try to do this the Cowboys way:

1. They fought and competed.
Should we celebrate effort? Not with a merit badge, necessarily, but it at least needs to be recognized. Unlike the losses against the Seahawks or the Bears, where the Cowboys were blownout, they were in this game throughout.
Their last minute try to potentially tie the game demonstrated a clear eagerness to continue to try to make plays.
No one can say this team didn't compete and the reason the Cowboys lost against the Ravens was anything effort/energy related.

2. Dez Bryant.
Yes, Dez dropped that final two-point conversion that would have tied the game, and for him to suggest there was pass interference on that play is mularkey. He just dropped it.

Dez-bryant-10-14-15-4_3_r560"They work with him all the time, catch those balls in your hands," Jerry Jones said after the game. "Put your thumbs together and catch them in your hands. You let that ball, kind of cradle it, which he does and catches about 99 percent of everything that you’re not supposed to catch and that catches up with him when that ball gets in there to your body like that, rather than have your hands and your thumbs together."

This loss is not on Dez. He had 13 catches for 95 yards with 2 touchdowns. By far his best game as a pro. 

3. Morris Claiborne.
Let's not talk about Brandon Carr here. Claiborne looks like he has all the makings of a lock down corner. He had to leave the game briefly after he suffered a twisted ankle, which after the game he said was fine. Notice how the Ravens went after the veteran free agent Carr with Anquan Boldin and they stayed away from Claiborne. That is only going to continue.

4. The Cowbyoys can run.
After three consecutive wretched run performances the Cowboys' rushing game gets healthy against what is obviously a bad run defense of the Ravens. The Cowboys ran the ball 42 times for 227 yards, and lost. They had the ball for 40:03, and lost.
There is something quite impressive in compiling those types of numbers, and not winning (remember - be positive). 
DeMarco Murray had to leave the game with an injury and his status is uncertain. At least for the first time this season, however, Felix Jones looked like something more than Dead Running Back walking. 

5. The NFC is painfully mediocre.
The 2-3 Cowboys are in last place in the NFC East, yet this division and this conference look so even (remember - be positive) they are still very much around it.
Let's not kid ourselves - they have to win in Carolina next week. To fall two games under .500 would be too much.
"I feel good about what we can do as a team," Jerry said. "We know how long a journey this is in the NFL and I feel better about our team than I did frankly over the last two weeks."

Remember ... happy thoughts.


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