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Gary Patterson doesn't believe Texas Tech ducked TCU; plus, the Tooth Fairy is real

Img20558069FORT WORTH, Texas - Kudos to TCU head coach Gary Patterson for refusing to publicly stoop so low as to state the obvious - that Texas Tech deliberately avoided playing TCU last season. Because I am quite certain he is not mentioning this to his team over and over and over again this week in preparation for TCU's highly anticipated home game against Texas Tech on Saturday.

There are two ways to do this: Talk about what is at stakein the Big 12, and the return of TCU to its Southwest Conference roots and playing home to a regional rival. How exciting.

Or ... we can talk about how one year ago Texas Tech told TCU it would not play them, as originally scheduled. Tech needed to drop one game from its non-conference schedule last season, but rather than drop Texas State, New Mexico or Nevada the Red Raiders took a pass on TCU. Now this is what makes a rivalry fun.

I asked Patterson today if his players are aware of the fact that Texas Tech appeared not to want to play TCU last season.

It would seem that GP maybe, just maybe, was aware of the fact that a little more than a year ago I posed this scenario to Texas Tech coach Tommy Tuberville, which he candidly admitted. BTW - major props to Tuberville for being honest about it.

"It wasn't that their team didn't want to play us. You keep making that being that," Patterson said.

ME: Their coach said it.

Ncf_i_cain_bl_400Gary Patterson: "Their coach said it was because they were new, and they were young, that they would be better to schedule it a different way. That's the way I took it. They are upset with us right now as a revenge game. They are saying we said they were chicken. Nobody at TCU, not Gary Patterson, not my team, nobody said it. It can be for the fans or you media people, but outside of that I'm going to play a game on Saturday."

No. 1: GP has his PhD from the Bill Snyder School of Non-Conference scheduling, so he can appreciate what Tuberville was doing in trying to build the Red Raiders. If you are trying to keep your job, and you don't have the greatest team, you do not deliberately schedule a risk game.

Playing TCU, at that time, was a risk for Tech. Today? The Red Raiders are 2.5 favorites on the road.

"Everybody changes games. (TCU's future) game against Arkansas has been pushed back 10 times, nobody makes a big deal out of that," GP said. "To be honest with you, if I had my choice, not because I don't want to play LSU, I wouldn't play LSU (next season). Because of the Big 12 schedule. ... Everybody does things for their own reason. He was trying to build his program and get to six wins. ... Coaches, we make business decisions. There is no such thing as a coach or a team that doesn't want to go play somebody. I didn't give it a second thought about him changing that ball game last year."

Suuuuuuuuuuuuure you didn't.

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Bill Smalley

Mac Engel, I know you're paid to be a TCU homer and can appreciate that. But out of the four non-conference teams on Texas Tech's schedule last year, TCU was the only one who hadn't yet signed their contract.

Tech had to cancel one of those four games. They could have canceled Texas State, Nevada, or New Mexico and paid a hefty buyout, or they could cancel TCU for no buyout at all.

All homerism aside, which would you do?


Tech ducked TCU, end of story. The coach admitted it. Tech fans need to stop living in some fantasy world and deal with reality. YOUR COACH SAID IT!

Use facts maybe?

Finally a writer as dumb as the average commenter.

What A Joke

So many holes in this hack job of an article. Tech is coming this weekend. It will be settled. Let the wanna-be's ThCU shine that BS light on themselves. All I can say is welcome to the Big XII, where you have to be up to play every week instead of on or two weeks a year. Raider Power!!!!

Lynda R.

I'm sooo relieved there is a tooth fairy! whew!

Rodrick Rollison

This article sucks, and this guy along with the fort worth media and few tcu fans make a big deal out of this. Tommy Tuberville made the schedule the way he wanted it. He was new, the schedule was set by Mike Leach. Also, the contract was not signed and TCU backed out of the previous game to play oregon state. Tech dropped TCU game so they would not have to pay the buyout, also its what Tuberville wanted. This homer of a writer needs to totally re-assess his style. Unless he wants to just be a bum of a blogger his whole life. TCU has been playing nobodies for too long now, I am glad they are in the big 12, show them where they really are as a program. They dont know what its like to go against a good team almost every week

Rodrick Rollison

why don't TCU fans, fw media and the low end bloggers (like this guy) take a cue from Gary Patterson? Quit whining about little stuff that means nothing and trying to make yourselves feel better. Gary Patterson talked to the texas tech local media at big 12 media days, and he was very complementary of texas tech and the program. Also, Patterson's quotes in this hackjob blog piece are level headed and he was complementary of tech. TCU fans (the lil that exist) and the fw media they are very delusional.


Tech will beat TCU, so this whole conversation has no point.


Hey as a Tech fan I am glad to be back playing TCU in the metroplex, love their program and history and I think more history will be made. Only wish I could be there to see their new stadium, looks fabulous. Bring on the rivalry and bring on the competition, tee it up but glad to be back.

Luke Urban

Texas Tech can finally own up to their petty little idea that we backed but the truth is they backed out of the game. Even Coach Patterson said they did. Now, they will get the loss they deserve.


"Patterson also referenced No. 23 TCU's last game against No. 17 Texas Tech, a 12-3 Frogs win at Amon G. Carter Stadium. Patterson said there were more Red Raider fans then Frog fans, something he hopes has since changed."

Expect 10-15K TTU fans at least, ladies


Of course we dropped the risky game, did you see our abysmal performance last year? TCU would have trashed us on every side of the ball. I don't know what all the fuss is about. . .


First off I guarantee there will not be 10 to 15 thousand Tech fans in the stadium on Saturday. Second, lets be honest here, the riskiest game on Tech's non-conference schedule was TCU last year and as a TCU fan I can understand why Tech dropped us whether it be from an unsigned contract or from the risk of TCU winning. As stated above, why are we worrying about what happened last year? These are two good football teams at 5-1 and it should be a great time on Saturday to see how this game plays out. As a Frog fan I am happy to see Tech fans back in town again and to be a part of the Big 12. Go Frogs!


Good Lord Tech has a bunch of whiny fans. Quit crying about everyone making fun of your puss-out last year. Time to move on Techsters.

LOL at whoever linked a Texas Tech Rivals article as a rebuttal source. Next time find Pravda online.


Hahaha, man TCU has a sad, sad fan base. Run the table against the San Diego States and Wyomings of the college football world and all of a sudden yall are a powerhouse. I can't wait til yall get put squarely place and realize yall will be another Baylor of the Big XII, one good season every few years. All this hate from wandering around in the desert for all those years is really starting to get old. Win something in a real conference before yall get all high and mighty. Tech is going to give yall a whooping of biblical proportions (pun intended).


Looking forward to a great game in Hell's Half Acre, this one has gone back and forth the last 15 years. Ready for a Big 12 Showdown! #Spitblood

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