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Gary Patterson speaks: Casey Pachall will be on the sidelines

Gary Patterson and TeamSpeaking with Sirius/XM Radio today, a few hours after it was announced that TCU QB Casey Pachall was suspended indefinitely for a DWI, TCU coach Gary Patterson said: "He is indefinitely suspended from competition until we come up with a good answer for him, how we are going to handle life and how we are going to do things. Is it one game, is it the rest of the season? I don't know what that answer is. Right now, I woke up this morning and this is what happened. 

"I have to get my team ready to play. Once I feel comfortable that happens, we'll deal with the Casey Pachall situation. He'll be on the sidelines but he won't play. He's not going to go home. It's, 'You put yourself in that situation so here is how we are going to do this.'"

That sounds like a man who is not going to kick Pachall off the team, but would like to try to teach him a(nother) lesson and punish him by using the one tool he has yet to exercise - not playing the game.

1ntPcD.St.58Is TCU screwed without Pachall as its starting QB? No. Are they going to win as many games with Trevone Boykin starting and Pachall watching? No way.

Don't buy Patterson's line of, "This actually opens the playbook for us," he told Sirius/XM today. "We have more offense in the game than with Casey Pachall in the game. He can throw all the throws."

Pachall is a veteran of many games, can run, and get the ball out of his hands fast. An offensive line that is far from polished needs a QB to make it look better than it is sometimes, and it is hard to believe Boykin is there yet.

Pachall was the best QB in the state, and perhaps the second best in the Big 12 behind Geno Smith. So even though Boykin may have a good arm and is a good athlete and is a good runner, he was not the starter for a reason. Don't be surprised if former QB turned WR Matt Brown goes back to QB and plays a snap or two.

Las Vegas has TCU as a 10-point favorite, and TCU should still be able to beat Iowa State without Pachall. After that? I suspect that is why Pachall will be on the sidelines. Winning at Baylor is not easy, even with Pachall playing. Hosting Texas Tech looks a lot harder today than it did in July.

"For me, kids screw up. There are team policies. There are university policies. There are rules. He knew what was in place," GP said. "Everybody is going to make this about Casey Pachall. The thing that head coaches do we don't make it about Casey Pachall. If I do that, I'm saying everybody else is not important."

Kids aren't stupid, and they know the value of the stud starting quarterback.


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Mac, you are as drunk as Pachall if you think that he has any running ability, or if you think he "can get the ball out of his hand fast". You obviously aren't watching the same guy. He's a slow as molasses and coach P has griped about his slow release through the first 3 games.


Paschall isn't even the 5th best QB in the conference. He's behind Smith, Doege, Florence, Klein, and either of the OSU QBs. You must smoking what he was.


This kid is a complete mess. Patterson needs to either kick him off the team or suspend him for the year. Anything less and he is just caving in to the pressures of needing to perform well in his inagural year in the Big 12. Patterson is looking more and more like he cares for himself more than the kids he claims to care so much about.


So Pachall has thrown for almost 1000 yards already, with 10 TDs and 1 pick, and he isnt as good as those bums you mentioned up there??? Get out of town bro


Pachall is not the best qb in the state. (I'll even say that David Ash is not better than Pachall, all things consider.) But, that kid in Lubbock is probably a better quarterback than both, all things considered.

Jennifer @ TCU

Why do I read your blog?? You are an aweful person. How could you say those things about Casey. He is a person. He has so much on his mind. I don't blame him. We all make mistakes. I am never reading your blog again. And I am telling all my friends about your blog so they never read it as well. Casey is a local hero. He should not be brought down like this.

Ron from Fort Worth

I'm a sports fan. I love TCU. Born and raised in Fort Worth. I have a family and feel fortunate to being living near the school when things seem to really be happening for us. This thing with Casey is too bad. Foolish mistakes from a young man should be expected. I wish he wasn't being benched. It's bad for the school and bad for the area. He needs to be responsible and he needs to get it done on the field. I wish their was another way.


Zero respect for Patterson. Selfish-he puts winning above character. He covered for him earlier and this is the result. He needs help with his problem. Get him some help while off the team.

G Davis

Jennifer (who posted a reply to this story). If you think Casey Pachall is a local hero you need to look a little harder. The only thing good about Pachall is I was able to use his story as a lesson for my 9 year old son about how not to handle responsibility and power. Also you may want to invest in spell check. It's awful not aweful :)

Sara TCU Student

This is awfil. We love Casey so much. It's not fair. How could this have happend. I think things would be different if people weren't so hard on him. He is such a role model for us students. He is strong, sweet natured, a true professional on the field, and he loves TCU. I pray he will be okay. We love Casey and need him back on the team.

Paul S., student at TCU

I hope it's okay for me to say on here that I hate Mac Engel. You are wrong about Casey. He is good person who has tough times to deal with. Haven't you ever been under a lot of pressure. Be nice to Casey man. Be cool. Try not to be a total jerk reporter your whole life. Casey is a good man.

TCU Education

Please God tell me these girls are a hoax, or some sort of joke? Both Sara & Jennifer have to be some guy trolling everybody or that TCU education is just really paying off.


The honeymoon is over, time for big boy football toads. You ready to have to play at peak levels week in and week out? You will be battling KU for the cellar just like you were with SMU and Rice when the SWC folded. 4-6 win seasons will become the norm. Book it.


HAHA this drunken fool is nowhere close the best QB in the big 12. Geno and Doege are the top two with nobody close. The rest are average. This guy has admitted to hardcore drugs to the police and now he's rolling around on some special syrup on a WEDNESDAY NIGHT?! This is a disgrace. Just like the entire football program. Welcome to the big 12. No more Sun belt for yall.


Mac, why are all of your readers idiots?? Too many clowns over here. Do you people realize TCU football players have gotten into next to zero trouble until this year. We have UT and Tech fans calling us out on a few assholes when their players have been getting arrested for years. Get real. TCU is in the big show now, yes you are correct. They have the best athletes and some of them make mistakes just like the clowns Mack Brown has signed for years. Its not a new thing.

TCU Parent

THIS IS AN OUTRAGE! Casey DO NOT NEED TO BE SUSPENDED!!!! Casey is an outstanding young man and the University-community-Texas, and the south need to rise up to help this outstanding young man! We are better than that! We all make mistakes. Our school and community need Casey. He is a local hero and should be treated as such.

TCU Alum

Casey is a good football player, but he's no hero. Drinking and driving is incredibly dangerous and he easily could have killed someone. I would venture to guess that there are literally thousands of people on the TCU campus who would have been willing to give him a ride if he'd called to ask, yet he didn't exercise the maturity/judgement to ask for help. Leadership is about more than throwing touchdown passes, it is about decision making and setting an example for the rest of the team.
I hope he is able to turn himself around after this episode and his other drug issues, but he has no business seeing the field again this season, even if it costs us some Ws.

TCU Stedent

Casey needs help. But we need him two. He is a great person and a gifted athlete. I thikn its wrung to let him miss any games because of this. This is embarassing enough. He is a really good guy. He isn't a super hero, but he is our hero. Casey...if you are reading this. I believe in you. We believe in you. You can get thru this. And together we can win a lot of football games. You will be oaky.

Double Nitro

I drink. I like football. I say, let the kid play. He'll pay his share for his crimes. Why deprive us fans of a couple wins and some good football.


Don't worry clueless TCU fans, Gary Patterson is just like you. He cares more about winning and money than integrity. Casey will only miss this 1 game because they know they can beat Iowa State without him. He'll be back after that.




Leslie @ TCU


Andrea @ Delta Gamma

Madness!!! Casey is accused of getting a DUI. Everyone, every where wants to convict him. I hope he takes this thing to court then sues the City for illegal whatever and defamation of character. Casey is a local hero. He needs our support not being benched and being torn apart. I love Casey and hope he wins his day in court and wins out the rest of the season.


Yall better get ready, CYCLONES are better than yall think


You TCU students with peanuts for brains are really amusing:

"sue the City for illegal whatever.." - are you 10 years old?

it's the big Mac blog, not Mark... and how can a blog be an idiot? it's not a person.

and Casey a hero!? what a frickin' joke! He's no hero. He's a loser being given more chances than most kids get because he happens to be good at throwing a football. He's been given a free education and a chance to make millions, but he'd rather piss it all away for a quick high. What a hero!

I guess it's going to take this kid OD'ing or killing someone while driving drunk before any of you get it. But then again, who am I kidding? Go ahead and praise your hero. The only person that should bear any of the blame for your precious team losing games is Casey Paschall.

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