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Jason Garrett doth protest too much regarding his running game

507bf5fa1de90.imageOne day after his Dallas Cowboys running game played as if it was 1993 and Emmitt Smith was the running back, head coach Jason Garrett proclaimed to the media: "Nobody wants to run the football more than I do."

To which I say, poppycock!, my good sir. Coach Process is full of mularkey. Red loves him to throw him football.

Since Jason Garrett was hand-picked by Jerry Jones from the Miami Dolphins to be this team's offensive coordinator in 2007, the Cowboys have not been a run-first team.

Per ejemplo:

2007: 531 passing plays; 419 running plays
2008: 547 passing plays; 401 running plays
2009: 550 passing plays; 436 running plays
2010: 576 passing plays; 428 running plays
2011: 570 passing plays; 408 running plays
2012: 197 passing plays; 121 running plays

In fairness, the trend in the NFL over the last eight to 10 seasons has been to throw the ball more than to run the ball. The short passing game has become an extension of the running game. And these stats never tell a story accurately of a team trailing, when they are forced to throw, etc.

But I always go back to one game to know where Red's heart really lies in calling football plays: NY Giants at Dallas Cowboys, Jan. 13, 2008, NFC Divisional playoff game.

The Cowboys ran the ball 33 times that day and gained 154 yards, including 129 from Marion Barber. Yet, for some reason, Tony Romo attempted 36 passes with only 18 completions. Red was going to throw the ball because he was sure the next pass was going to hit it, when the game was saying all he had to do was run it.

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Stacy Brawly

We are a good team. You have to stick with the run. Romo/Witten/Dez and company are solid. Got to make it work. We have the pieces. We can win some, get on a streak, and make the playoffs. Stay the course. Just tweek things a bit.

Jon from Fort Worth

I'm a pretty big fan of Red. He is a good coach and a pretty smart guy. Dez should have caught that pass and we would be talking about a victory right now. It was a close game. If Red blew it; it was his mismanagement of the clock at the end of the game. That was a huge miss worth noting. Let's hope we get them next week.

Jim from Waco

Say anything you want. Dallas got beat. We missed a few plays. I don't chalk it up to anything except luck. It was a competitive game. We played very well in places and caught a big break when we recoverd the on-side kick. I didn't like the clock mismanagement at the end of the game but other than that, I thought it went pretty well. We will get 'em next time. Next time.


How about we win more decisively and not let it come down to the last play? If you're the Giants and you take care of your opponents and lead by 20 points, even Romo can't find a way to lose in the last drive.

Brian G.

We are a decent team. I don't know everybody, especially sports writers, come down on us so much. We were in the thick of things this past Sunday and we are still in the hunt for a play off spot. Every aspect of our game could be better. We are a good team and getting better.

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