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Josh Hamilton has no chance against Nolan Ryan

Rangers003Under any normal circumstance a man who hit .285 with 31 doubles, 43 home runs and drove in 128 runs would be due a raise.

Under any normal circumstance a 31-year-old man who in five years has hit 142 home runs with 506 RBIs for the Texas Rangers would be in high demand from the home fans to stay here for another five years.

When the player in question is Josh Hamilton, it changes the demand completely.

Tonight at 7:30 the Rangers host the Orioles in the American League wildcard game in what could be Hamilton's final game with the team. After this dropped fly ball in Oakland in the season finale, Josh would be wise to go Roy Hobbs on this postseason to create a different final impression.

He is a free agent after the season, and he has made it zero secret he will go to the highest bidder.

Under any normal circumstance, fans would be lining up at Rangers Ballpark to keep Hamilton, to pay him whatever. The sentiment for the first time in forever, however, feels decidedly towards management to not go with the stupid money.

It speaks to the baggage and fear of keeping Hamilton on the roster.

It also speaks to the power and reputation of Rangers team president Nolan Ryan.

There is so much faith in this organization's ability to make the right decision regarding personnel that the team would let an All-Star walk in return for nothing and it will be greeted with a giant thumbs up.

People are going to side with Nolan before they do Josh.

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I say walk him!! We the fans have stood by him over and over through all of his trials...and the team has tolerated him enough.... He obviously lost his loyalty!!


So much talent, so few brains... He finished the season by walking through games like he doesn't even care.


I agree with Doc! The way he's been playing is ridiculous... He's laughing things off like I dont give an f anymore, and f these guys. Let him walk, it will be better for the bastard.

Matthew Shane

Yeah. Because letting an All-Star walk in return for nothing is good business. Well, what would one expect from one of the top-10 least-efficient teams in baseball, paying $1,388,853/win? The A's spent $632,795/win -- and they won the division! This according to


Least efficient huh? I don't believe the A's sold out a single home game while almost EVERY Rangers home game was a sellout. Rangers ranked 3rd in the majors in attendance. Most likely their $1,388,853/win investment paid off HUGE in revenue. Sounds like pretty good business sense to me.

jesse smith

i for one am satisfied nolan will make the right decision. that is why we hired him. i say turn he n kinslers money into pitching.

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Hamilton is the easiest K in the league for smart pitchers, who know he will swing at balls a foot outside and in the dirt. Why throw him a strike? He disappears at crunch time, and I wouldn't play him if he worked for free. Give me Youklis, who battles each pitcher like it is life of death, who works the count, takes a ton of walks, and hits in the clutch. We need more hitters like Elvis Andrus, who does not hack at every first pitch and can hit with 2 strikes. Hamilton has an 0-2 count on him every at bat, and then swings like a golfer at strike three in the dirt. He can only hit mistake pitches, which are becoming less frequest as pitchers realize throwing strikes to this crackhead is not necessary. Let him walk, and take Young and Washington and Kinsler on the same bus out of town.

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