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Lance Armstrong used PEDs?! Are you kidding?

Lance-armstrong-helmet-glasses-jacketThis one is a bit of a surprise, and not a good sign for the Lance Armstrong supporters of this world: He has stepped down as the chairman of his Livestrong foundation.

Also, Nike has dumped its long, long time affiliation with the seven-time Tour De France champion. Click here for that story about Nike terminating Lance's contract.

Both of these moves have come as the US Anti Doping Association has said it has eight billion pages of documents, interviews, etc. that Armstrong used PEDs. You know the good people who run the Tour De France are throwing yet another celebration in Paris.

Lance had denied PED use forever, even as the investigations intensifed long after his cycling career was over. News such as this would indicate that the evidence USADA has is not good, and that it has Lance cold.

When Lance gave up the fight against USADA and agreed to a life-time ban from the sport was pretty much the obvious indication he knew he was had.

Will this slide include a Mark McGwire-type speech to Bob Costas where Lance admits what we all pretty much know? Maybe. 

It doesn't matter. 

In a sport as dirty as cycling, I just assumed Lance was doing it. He was better than everyone else.

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Gregory Marshall Smith

I have to agree, Mac. We were both around at FWST when guys like Barry Bonds and Mark McGwire morphed from Bill Bixby into the Incredible Hulk. They never tested positive most of the time. When you've got labs like BALCO working full time to created new PED's and new masking agents, it just taints everybody.

Lance was just better at hiding his stuff. And it helped that the USADA suffered from ED while Lance was racing. And, of course, when the main accusers are the snobby French, who wasn't going to back Lance?

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