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Let's do this: Obama v. Romney - The drinking game

561866_10151094899291309_983785991_nTonight at long last President Barack Obama will face Mitt Romney in a debate that will finally determine exactly whose fault it is, and why the other guy flat sucks and will lead our great nation into the pits of hell.

Obama v. Romney - Round 1 - A Mile High Mountain of Broken Promises
8 p.m. CT
University of Denver
Jim Lehrer of PBS is the fight referee ... excuse me, moderator.

It's the debate that will solve everything.

If listening to these two blowhards talk domestic policy doesn't do it for you, then your best bet is to play along with these Obama/Romney Debate drinking game rules.

Of course, the way the Texas Rangers season is crashing you may already have had enough to drink by the time these men take to the podium.



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Go Texas!

....watching the Cowboys is an even bigger train wreck.

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