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Looks like Texas Tech & Tommy Tuberville made the right call, & TCU is just too young

201210201618587208498-p2After having just so much fun with Texas Tech and football coach Tommy Tuberville's wise decision to back out of the 2011 game at TCU, a serious tip of the cap to the entire program for said decision, and their Game of the Century win in Fort Worth on Saturday.

Tech's 6-1 record is the type of proof this administration desperately needed to justify dumping Mike Leach a few years ago. Tech may still be a house divided as a result of that decision, but wins such as the one against West Virginia and TCU can make people heal quickly.

Tuberville has been around college football long enough to know that it's not about who you beat but how many wins you have. He realized last season he didn't have a team so he lined up his non-conference schedule with dogs in an effort to become bowl eligible.

Since TCU joined the Big 12, TT had no choice but to play TCU in Fort Worth but he obviously has a team that can play - the Red Raiders' 56-53 3OT win makes them bowl eligible in the giant scam that is the FBS level.

As for TCU, this was part of the deal when it signed on to be in the Big 12. No more 30-point blowouts against New Mexico, UNLV, etc. This is just bigger, and harder. Saturday was a wonderful scene and atmosphere, but losses like this are far more likely than in the Mountain West.

Gary Patterson wasn't kidding on Tuesday when he said his team could win every game remaining on its schedule, or lose them all. GP may have as much talent as he has ever had in his tenure at TCU, but they are just so young. This team never stopped, obviously, but it never looked like it knew how to close this out.

GP has played a nation-leading 16 true freshmen this season, and that much inexperience is going to cost TCU games. It will payoff huge next season, but in the meantime both he and his team are going to lose in a way this program was no longer accustomed.

Either way, a great day for college football in Fort Worth.

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Tech Fan

Too young?!?!?? Really.. that's your head line? TCU SUCKS!! How about that for a head line. Give it up. Tech is better. That's a head line.

DC Frog Fan

You freaking moron. saying TCU sucks shows your ignorance of football. If they suck how come it took your team three overtimes to win. In your way of thing you must also suck then.

Great game by both teams. Tech you won't always be Playing freshman so watch out. Heads up Frogs you represented TCU extremely well.


3OT! Tech finally won by 3 pts over a bunch of freshmen and back up players filling in for sick/injured starters Maponga and Waymon James. Wonderful game TCU. The next 3 years with these kids is going to be fantastic.


Great game today, guys. Hats off to TCU and GP. Glad we finally have a good rivalry. Looking forward to our games in the future.


Great game on both sides! Both teams came in banged up and put it all on the line. Tech looked like they should have taken care of business in regulation, being up 10 with 4 min remaining, but give credit to TCU who never gave up. Tech came into a hostile environment against a team that wanted this one badly and won. Great Game!

Rodrick Rollison

While TCU may be young, they are a decent team. Texas Tech is also a young team that is what is exciting. There were some players out of the game for TCU and there were some players out for tech. I wish Jace Amaro, WR Marquez and Javon Bell were available. Also our starting CB douglas. Even though tech played a very poor game, they nabbed the win. All that matters get the win

Rodrick Rollison

TCU is an ok team, I am just happy they are in the big 12 now, and can quit being ranked in the top 25 because now they have to face good teams each week. Gone are the days TCU can feast on the wyomings, UNLVs, new mexicos, and colorado states etc. Playing with the big boys now, it is awesome to have TCU. Welcome to the Big 12 TCU


Tech went on the road and won against a top 25 team, good enough for me. Shouldn't of even gone to overtime but whatever, we won. WRECK EM!

Froggy living in Dallas

If Casey P played in that game it would have been a route. Tech played big but TCU is sooo much better. Tech relied on gadget plays and luck (and some crooked officiating) to get that win. It was a cheap, hallow win for Tech. They are nothing but a bunch of red necks and students he will all end up pumping gas. I have to go puke after watching that game.

Raider Fan

You are a jerk. Winning does not justify Leach's illegal dismissal anymore than losing does. Separate issues. Where were you last year when Tech went 5-7? Also, look at the roster. Who's making all the plays? That's right, Leach's recruits.

Quit fanning flames. Anyone with a brain knows Leach got screwed, and that Tubs was handed a very good team. A favorable schedule, the most returning starters in the Big 12, and an improved defense are part of the formula for 6-1.

Where are the injuries and lack of talent excuses this year? Same talent. Same injuries.

Give me a break.


TCU with all those true freshman starting was the better team. They put up over 550 yards of offense. Freshman mistakes doomed the frogs more than Tech's great play. Give credit to Tech for hanging around when it looked like TCU was going to run away with it. Then again they are filled with seniors and are used to this level of competition. The future is bright for TCU.

Raider in Fort Worth

Big Fat Mac Blog,

I read your blog. I don't know why?!! But you are a total jerk. I hate you. You are wrong about mostly everything.

Tech is an up and coming program still working the "Leach Hangover" off. We had a big win yesterday.

We weren't lucky. We played hard. We stuck together. And we got it done.

Shove your crappy analysis up your McNugget.


First of all, TCU welcome to the big 12. Texas Tech and tech fans are happy to have you in the big 12. Good luck the rest of the way. Now to the game, Texas Tech played a horrible game but found a way to win. Texas Tech is a young team and had several key injuries this game that probably evened the playing field a little. Also, there were some terrible play calls by tech coaches that made the game almost turn into a loss. TCU was pumped up to win this game (even though the crowd wasn't, there were empty seats and TCU fans filing out after tech went up by 10) but tech found a way to win with playing a C- game. Good Luck TCU, welcome to the big 12, glad youre here with the big boys.


Tech sucks! TCU is 100x better program than that crappy team. Texas Tech took advantage of the refs giving them every call. I hate Texas Tech more than any school because they beat us more than we do, but TCU had all these injuries and suspensions (that no other team has to face) and TCU had all these freshmen playing. Tech should not have won the game, TCU gave them the victory

Purple in Fort Worth

Tech fans are right. We got beat. We aren't a bad team we just need Casey to come back, pull together, and win out. We can do it but it's going to take a real community spirit and some great execution on the field. We lost but I've never been prouder of our guys. The Frogs played hard but in the end you have to give it to the Tech guys. They made a few more plays, scored a few more points, and walked out of our house carrying their colors high with a victory. My hats off to them but we will be back big time. We have a better team, smart/better students and alum, and ultimately our guys will have the glory.



Great game! For all you folks making excuses on both sides, every game will have its nuances. Whether they be injuries, poor play calling or even the way the wind blows, the fact remains that these two teams have lots of history and proved Saturdays will be lots of fun for years to come. I'm glad TCU is where they belong.Patterson is a great coach and the Frogs have lots of talent. Be proud of that game despite the final score. I see the making of a true rivalry. I'm glad Tech won though!


Both sides played minus some great talent. Officiating sucks harder than Engel. Blown calls on both sides.

TCU QB showed his talent. Tech tried to give it away.

If Tech had played Amaro, Bell and Marquez.TCU fans would have left in the first quarter instead of 4th.
- MStone

Engel Sucks

Quarterback play. Quarterback play. Quarterback play.

Say what you want about 'greatest game', 'both sides played hard' or whatever...

It comes down to one thing. Casey wasn't at bat. Our guy was out. Tech comes in a red-neckish and boastful like they always do.

They played hard but our QB was out. It's that simple. It's like playing football with one arm tied behind your back.

Our Quarterback was out and we lost. Why not spot them 21 points next game. If we aren't at full capcity, it shouldn't really count.

All you Tech fans go home. We don't want your stank stinking up our beautiful campus anyways. We know who really won.


Hey comment above by Engel Sucks

I dont think your qb was the problem this game. You still put up 500 something yards. If TCU still had Pachall (the qb who kept messing up with getting in trouble and drugs), you would not have had the same effective zone read running plays, bc treyvon boykin can run. That kid Boykin can play. TCU fans better quit whining about not having Pachall and get behind Boykin. He will become a great QB to go along with the top qbs in this league (in the future) (OU's, WVU's, Texas Tech's, OSU's quarterbacks). That being said now that TCU is in the big 12, they will lose a lot more games and show what type of program they are. A lower below mid level big 12 team (still not bad will get you to bowl games)


I never heard so many 'ifs' and 'buts' in all my life. Like Don Meredith once told Howard Cossell: "Howard,If 'ifs' and 'buts' were candy and nuts, we'd have a very Merry Christmas."

That being said, I am sorry Tech didn't play their A-Game. If they had played their usual game, it wouldn't have gone into overtime. Congratulations to TCU for a game well played. You just came up short at the end. Good luck for the rest of the season.

Bradon Bobb

Tech fans/alum are a bunch of red neck loosers. Who cares if they won a football game where we had to start a red shirt freshman. Most Tech fans washing cars or picking crops for a living. Trust me TCU has high class people and classier people anyway.

raymond martin

Casey played his last game as a TCU QB 9/29/2012 Mark it down.

Trevone is the future


For TCU no more 30 point blowouts over New Mexico, but that's OK for Tech and UT. Explain, please.


Man was that a game or what? Tech played its worst football missing three of its most important receivers and our best cornerback (that one almost cost us the game). Boykin is the future of TCU football I hope yall see that. If not we'd be glad to take, Michael Brewer will need a back-up in the next few years. Texas Tech owns the Dallas area. It must be sad to live in a metroplex that is half Tech fans and the other half UT. This was more great exposure for us. A team with their backs against the wall needing to find a way to win in a harsh environment. It's shows what type of team we are this year. Strong, resilient. I'm glad to have yall in the Big XII, we could always use the win.

Texas Tech Alum

Just glad that Tech ran off that loser, Chad Glascow. TCU can have that pathetic excuse for a coordinator back. Good riddance! Not sure about you, but I saw some pretty trashy TCU fans at the game. I was rather appalled. Anyways, it was nice going into your stadium and getting out of there with a win. You can now battle with Baylor and Iowa State for Big 12 irrelevance. Losers.

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