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No NHL lockout talk: Mike Modano to be inducted into US Hockey Hall of Fame in Dallas on Monday

2012class-announce-cov1With the good taste of the NHL's latest lockout still fresh, it is easy to understand why this entire sport is so easily ignored. Rather than talk about the state of the game or the Dallas Stars' season, hockey fans are left to talk about how lawyers are debating how to divide their money.

On Monday, fans of the game and the Dallas Stars, and American hockey, have yet a reason to celebrate something other than a lockout.

Retired Dallas Stars center Mike Modano will be joined by Eddie Olczyk and Lou Lamoriello in an induction ceremony into the U.S. Hockey Hall of Fame that will take place in Dallas on Monday evening. Fans wanting to attend can click here for ticket information.

Modano's influence on the growth of the Dallas Stars is well documented, but he also is a reason why the NHL expanded to non-traditional markets.

"People do gravitate towards stars, and Mike was a star even before he became a pro," US hockey executive director Dave Ogrean said. "Coming out of Livonia (Mich.) he was so obviously talented early on. He was one of the greatest American players of all time. When he is not in the game he is missed. The American players in the game now, and we have some great ones, aspire to be Mike Modano."

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That's a good reason to celebrate. Fans will have their patience rewarded, at least for now. It's unfortunate that thinking about legal action has surpassed focusing on actual games.

Congratulations to Mr. Modano. Congratulations also to Eddie Olczyk and Lou Lamoriello.

It's always nice when people who have made a significant contribution to a sport are recognized. As an athlete who has spent most of his life playing the game of hockey, Mr. Modano is worthy of the induction into the Hall of Fame.

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