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Now THAT is Dallas Cowboys football

1ss6np.St.58By now it should be no surprise that not only did the Dallas Cowboys lose to the New York Giants at home but did so in painfully entertaining fashion. I can just see/hear Jerry Jones saying in his own version of the Roman Coliseum: "Are you not entertained?!"

Keeping with the Greek tragedy theme that is Dallas Cowboys football ... things do not look good. It's so bad the fans are booing breast cancer awareness at Cowboys Stadium. These and other hard truths from the Dallas Cowboys' 29-24 loss against the New York Giants on Sunday.

1. Tony Romo. Romo attempted 62 passes, was sacked four times which means there were a total of 66 times he was asked to pass. That is a recipe for error. Credit Romo for standing in there and continually coming, and never being deterred, but ... nothing changes the fact he has 13 interceptions this season against 9 TDs.

He leads the NFL in interceptions. At this rate he is projected to throw a career-high 30 interceptions. 

11764202-large2. Penalty problem? Fixed! No one will notice, or care, but the Cowboys only committed three penalties for 10 yards.

3. Instant replay. The Cowboys picked the wrong time to have the real officials call this game. If the Cowboys had the same non-union refs that called the Seahawks/Packers game they would be celebrating a win. Instead, the crew nailed the amazing Dez Bryant catch was out of bounds (barely) in the final seconds.

Imagine if the technology did not exist to zoom in on Dez's hand that was out of bounds by an inch or two.

4. The running game. Pathetic. Yes, the Cowboys were behind so big so quickly there was no chance the team could run, but 19 yards on 17 carries is terrible. The Cowboys average 3.6 yards per carry this season.

5. Jason Pierre-Paul. The NY Giants defensive end was actually blocked well by Tyron Smith on his pick six play; JPP is so big and so athletic that sometimes there is nothing you can do. The man who pressured Romo on that particular play was Chris Canty. Yes, the same Chris Canty who underwhlemed from his days with the Cowboys.

940x6. Defensive coordinator Rob Ryan. This loss is not on the Cowboys defense at all. Losing linebacker Sean Lee hurt, but the defense limited the Giants to 3 of 15 on 3rd downs, 11 first downs, 3.7 yards per carry, and limited Eli Manning to 190 yards passing.

7. Kevin Ogletree. Done. The Cowboys never did find a third WR.

8. Dez Bryant. Out of words. Maybe the single most frustrating player in the NFL. One step forward, three steps back. Every great play is usually quickly negated. He is the human eraser.

9. Three plays in 10 seconds. NY Giants coach Tom Coughlin commented that he had never seen three plays run in 10 seconds, such as the Cowboys were able to do in the final moments. That is a real home field advantage.

10. Jason Garrett. The Dallas Cowboys are 16-15 in his tenure. 

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The game is a great summation of the state of the Cowboys....and the root problem is the General Manager or the lack of one to be more precise. We can't keep changing coaches and players etc, etc, .... it's time we as fans DEMAND that Jerry Jones stop pretending to be a football man and hire a REAL GENERAL MANAGER!!! The Cowboys will never be anything more than a mediocre team that teases us now and then until we have the structure in place that every other NFL team has used....we have to hire a General Manager (remember the last one, the honorable Tex Shramm).....join the new facebook page "Need A Real GM" today and spread the word. We can't hurt Jerry in the wallet, but we can hurt him in the EGO by joining together for as long as it takes to demand a General Manager. Just imagine a real football man running the daily operations of the team, hiring a real head coach that can bring in the staff of his choosing....and most importantly, this adds a much needed barrier between the players and the more going around the head coach and crying to the owner. This team needs structure and it starts by getting a real General Manager

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Stupid is as stupid does .


cowboys suck

Bob Lance

Disappointed is a massive understatment. I'm amazed our guys fought back. We totally gave this game away. Sad. Pathetic. WE MUST GET A GM AND A QB!!!!!!!!!!!!

Words do not begin to describe my frustration and disappointment.


Jason Garrett should be watching his back. His days as an NFL head coach are probably numbered unless he can turn things around. Romo needs to go or be taken to the wood shed in a serious way. A 'real' GM would make some serious moves in Big D.

oh, and that sound you heard was JJ running to the cash machine again

kyle blake

Anyone who knows anything about football can clearly see that Jason Garrett is the dumbest coach in the NFL. What idiot do you know that wouldn't secure a first down and then continue on. I don't care what school he attended that doesn't make him a NFL coach. We need that walk around coach jimmy Johnson. Its been all down hill since he left. Jerry Jones is just collecting money.

kyle blake

After tolerating tony Romo's idiotic play for so long it has forced me to apologize to Danny white. I now appreciate the nfc title games that he led us to. Though they were all losses , I have found a new respect for what Danny white did. The only thing that this team hasn't done yet is punt while their at the opponents. 20yd line. No discipline at all. This is officially the worst/best team. In Cowboys history.

Dear Jerry

Heart break. Heart ache. Pain. Disappointment.

What a shame.

Tons of money. Tons of support.

We have to get better. I love my Sunday's watching our guys play.

I hope Jerry hears this message. Fix this. We are so close from being competitive.

Fix us.

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