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Paul Ryan's VP debate targets: Elmo, Barney and, time permitting, Joe Biden

How-elmo-works-1One week after Mitt Romney at last did the right thing and made Big Bird Public Enemy No. 1 in the Demolition in Denver, his VP candidate will see if he can do similar damage tonight.

Paul Ryan vs. Joe Biden in the Karnage in Kentucky, otherwise known as the 2012 Vice Presidential Debate.

It's yet another event that will have higher TV ratings than the MLB playoffs.

The eagerly anticipated war of lies, half truths and unfounded accusations will commence from Centre College in Danville, KY at 8 p.m. CT and go to 9:30 p.m. ... which may be just enough time for Biden to answer one question.

PBS executives already are said to have prepared statements ready to release after this debate is completed.

The real bummer is that not only will the punching bag that is Barack Obama not be there, but neither will moderator Jim Lehrer. Instead, we will get ABC news chief foreign correspondent Martha Raddatz.

As bad as Obama got his butt stomped last week, now he has to turn to this nation's biggest gas bag in Biden, who literally - literally - needs an A-list performance in a debate that utlimately will determine zero, and affect potential voters even less.


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