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Quote of the day

Welcomegpni4Linus: On Halloween night, the Great Pumpkin rises from his pumpkin patch and flies through the air with his bag of toys to all the children. 







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Happy Halloween!

"I met this six year old child with this blank, pale, emotionless face, and the blackest eyes, the devil’s eyes.

I spent eight years trying to reach him and then another seven trying to keep him locked up because I realized that what was living behind that boy’s eyes was purely and simply evil."

-Dr. Samuel Loomis

Need A GM

I hope the Great Pumpkin has a Real General Manager in the bag for the Cowboys....facebook "Need a Real GM" come join the page and spread the message...Boycott First Quarter at all Cowboy's games until Jerry gets the message....come on Great Pumpkin, we need your help : )

Happy Halloween!


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