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Remembering when the Texas Rangers making the playoffs was cause for celebration

Brad-Pitt-in-Moneyball.-007Between the Texas Rangers' arrival to Arlington, Texas from Washington, D.C. in 1972 all the way through 1996 the team qualified for the postseason zero times.

The next four years from '96 to '99, the team made the playoffs three times, whereupon their arrival to the playoffs they were 1-9 against the Yankees in those games.

In 40 years of playing ball in Texas, the team has made the playoffs six times, three of which are the last three years. You would think with that type of history this town would still be thrilled that the Rangers are in the playoffs for a third consecutive season. 

Nope. This is All or Nothingville for your Rangers, which makes this regular season gag and weeze towards the finich line so difficult to stomach.

The Rangers have lost 8 of their last 12, and now must rally against Brad Pitt's Oakland Athletics to win a division they had led since April 9. The AL West will be decided at 2:30 p.m. in Oakland.

Ryan Dempster, go "git" em, son!

The Rangers would be soooooo much better off defeating the A's today, facing the Tigers in the ALDS and dealing with the Yankees in the championship series.

A one-game playoff against the Orioles does not look enviable.

Quit screwing around and win the division title that has been theirs to take since Opening Day, then you have our permission to break our hearts again.


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