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Report: Lance Armstrong hired Bane to be a part of his "plan"

Dark-knight-rises-new-bane-photoIn the beginning of The Dark Knight Rises, big-time bad guy Bane admits to a CIA agent, "It doesn't matter who we are - what matters is our plan."

According to a statement released by USADA Ceo Travis "Get a Life" Tygart, there is "conclusive and undeniable proof" that Lance Armstrong was a part of a very elaborate and sophisticated doping conspiracy that includes everything up to but not including destroying Gotham.

Today, the USADA released a report that basically said Lance Armstrong is the cycling equivalent of Bane. Click here for more in this story by The Washington Post.

Even though Armstrong a while back white-flagged any more protesting of what is now the 4,345,235th accusation against the seven-time Tour De France champion, USADA presses on to finally convince us that this dude roided.

What USADA no longer realizes is that most of us, like Armstrong, have moved on.

There are reportedly 1,000 pages in this document includes sworn testimony from several of Armstrong's former teammates, including Tyler Hamilton, George Hincapie and Floyd Landis. Bet that is going to be a slightly awkward 10-year reunion.

When Armstrong gave up the fight against USADA in August he did so knowing that he would be banned from the sport that gave him an international identity. It was never as if Armstrong was going to be able to ride competitively again. 

56452945.jpg.CROP.article568-largeHe made his money. I have no idea what Armstrong is like. The fact that so many ex-teammates are lined up to speak against him tells me he didn't make a lot of friends in his quest to win titles. 

Much like with former MLB star Barry Bonds people have likely drawn their own conclusions even though there is not quite enough evidence to say they used PEDs. Suspicion, however, is Everest-ish.

Unlike Bonds, who never stood for anything than himself, Armstrong stood for defeating a disease that has taken so many and demonstrating there can be so much life after cancer. Even if USADA has Armstrong cold, and it sounds as if it does, nothing can take away what Armstrong meant to so many.

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This article stinks. Why aren't you talking about Casey Pachall??? I thought this blog was dedicated to tearing Casey and TCU down???


Guilty. I wish there was more that could be done.

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