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Sean Lee is proof of what can happen when you draft injured players

Dal_a_sleets_600News that Dallas Cowboys inside linebacker Sean Lee is likely out for the season with a toe injury is anything if not deflating; click here for more.

If Lee was not as important as DeMarcus Ware then it was a case of 1 and 1a. Lee was essentially on the field for every defensive play, in every formation, in every circumstance. 

As witnessed against the Panthers on Sunday after Lee went out with the injury, replacement Dan Connor is a nice backup. He is not Sean Lee, and there is going to be a major problem in the middle of the field. Don't be surprised if former Cowboys tight end Martellus Bennett goes off on Sunday against his old team.

Expect the Cowboys to try the "Next man up" line but even they know that's BS. The next man up is not Sean Lee.

This was the risk the Cowboys took when they selected Lee with a second round pick in the 2010 draft. He was injured during his career at Penn State, and he's been injured often in his first three years of the league.

Injured guys get hurt.

In 2011, Lee suffered a dislocated left wrist against the Eagles on Oct. 30, but he missed only one game.
In 2010, Lee was injured a few times as a rookie with hamstring.
The spring of 2008 at Penn State, he tore his ACL in non-contact drill and missed the season.

Now in 2012 and he's going to miss the rest of the season.

These injuries are no knock on Lee, who in his third season we developing into a monster inside linebacker with a knack for making plays and holding teammates and the entire defense accountable to high standards.

The guy can play. But he also gets hurt.

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Jerry S.

Sean is a good player. He will be missed. :He was a great player at Penn State; special player on the field and awesome in the locker room.

Ron Miller, Plano Texas

He will be missed on Sunday. Giants are usually tuff. Most people don't know about him but he is solid. I agree about him being an tuff choice in the draft because of his injuries. But greatness courts failure all the time. I liked him then and like him now. I don't see anybody really replacing him this year. Our pass coverage might be the best in the league once we get a new safety.


So, Mac Engel,you are saying that a player rolled up on the back of Sean Lee's foot and injured his toe because he had knee, wrist, and hamstring injuries in the past? You sound like an idiot Engel - that is a preposterous assesment. You can't be that dumb. Injuries are a part of the game and a past injury has no causal effect to future injuries on a different part of the body.


He is the best ever but he is a player...he will be missed

The Big Mac Blog

To Cowboys All The Way -

It's called "injury prone". Had a team trainer once tell me sometimes a person's body just isn't structurally up to it and things happen in different areas. Could be Lee.

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