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Signs point to an 82-game NHL season

Image25944Rumors and fears of the NHL preparing to order a much wider cancellation of games appear to be unfounded - for the moment - as the league made a major offer today to the NHL Player's Union, that includes an 82-game regular season.

"We've given it our best shot," NHL commish Gary Bettman told reporters today.

The offer, which is reportedly for six years, would include a one-week training camp and a start of the regular season that would begin the first week of November. Bettman said today to reporters that the schedule would include an additional game every five weeks.

NHLPA boss Don Fehr called it "an excellent start". The major concession is that the owners have offered the players a 50/50 split of all hockey-relavted revenues. How the league defines 'hockey related revenues' could be tricky.

The sense is if the union rejects this offer than there will be an extensive cancellation of games, and no more talks will occur any time soon.

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