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Something that never happened in Texas: A-Rod is benched & further clouds his legacy

Alex-rodriguez1Had Alex Rodriguez remained with the Texas Rangers after he agreed to his 10-year, $252 million deal in December of 2000 he would have been a free agent after the 2010 season. But, trades and hemorraging owners happen.

Now at 37, age is clearly catching A-Rod. He batted .272 this season with 18 homers and a career-worst 57 RBI.

Today in a game that decides if a team's season is over or continues the manager is saying someone else is better than Alex Rodriguez.

Heading into Game 5 of the Orioles/Yankees series, A-Rod has been so bad it appears as if Yankees manager Joe Girardi is going with someone else.

According to ESPN baseball reporter Buster Olney's twitter account, all signs point to A-Rod starting Game 5 on the pine. Olney wrote: 'I think this is a good guess on what the Yankees will do: Chavez at third and Ibanez in the lineup, either at DH or LF."

In Game 3 of the ALDS against the Orioles, A-Rod was taken out in the ninth inning to give way to a pinch hitter, Raul Ibanez, who just so happened to tie the game with a solo homer and win it a few innings later with another jack.

A-Rod is 2-for-16 in this series with zero extra base hits and nine strikeouts.

This move continues to muddy what 10 years ago looked like a legacy that would be one of baseball's greatest. Nothing can take away from the numbers, or his immense talent, but the way this story is moving A-Rod will leave the game as a guy who was a series of empty numbers.

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