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Stars Wars to return, but what of Indiana Jones?

Carrie_bgGeorge Lucas' decision to sell his Lucas Film empire to Disney for an excess of $4 billion dollars is great news (click here for an interview with Lucas) for a variety of reasons:

1. It gives Lucas more money, which he clearly needs.
2. It finally gives Disney the legal creative license to blend Chris Berman, Princess Leia and Donald Duck on the same screen.
3. It makes an already giant corporation just a bit bigger, thus ensuring more small businesses everywhere will continue to grind out to a slow and very painful existence, and death. 
4. Star Wars will live on for a new generation of nerds.

The original excitement of this news centered around Disney announcing plans to expand the Star Wars franchise, and that it will produce episodes 7, 8 and 9 and possibly a TV series, etc. 

More Jar Jar Binks? Sign. Me. Up.

Indiana_jones_temple_xl_01A word of advice: Use screenwriter Lawrence Kasdan to pen these next three episodes. He wrote the screenplays for both The Empire Strikes Back as well as Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Speaking of Raiders of the Lost Ark ... lost in this Stars Wars nerd love is that Indiana Jones is a part of the Lucas Film empire. Indiana Jones is now Mickey Mouse's little mitch.

Will Disney bring back Henry Jones Jr. to the big screen? Noooo ... Disney hates money. Indiana Jones, even that crappy fourth one, brough dorks like me, and so many others back to the theater to the tune of nearly $1 billion.

No one has officially said anything regarding whether this franchise will continue; in recent interviews, director Steven Spielberg has said he would do another one provided Lucas wants to. Lucas is now out of the equation. Harrison Ford has said he wants to play Indy if there is another film. The man is 70. Dude, give it up ... you don't look like this any more.

It sounds more like, if Indy does return, it won't be any time soon and that Ford is more likely to have a small part in the next Stars Wars film.

PREDICTION: Indy comes back to life with neither Harrison Ford nor Steven Spielberg in the mix, and no acknowledgement of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull having ever taken place.


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Dr. Jones

I'm an old timer. But I'd love it if they would do another Indiana Jones movie with Harrison Ford. He was the franchise and those movies were a blast.

Maybe they can bring back Harrison for and Disney him up by making him wear mouse ears instead of his signature hat.


From what I'm to understand, Disney CAN'T make a new Indiana Jones for at least several more years because Paramount's exclusive distribution deal to the franchise is still active from the last film (and it won't expire unless a certain period of time passes without a new installment). So it looks like the series will be stuck in limbo until that deal expires. Considering that Harrison Ford is already 70, it seems all but certain that his days donning the fedora are over. If Disney ends making any new Indy films, I HOPE they'll be 'Young Indiana Jones' prequels with a new actor (PLEASE don't do anything stupid like trying to pass the torch on to Shia LaBouf!).

Calender Days

Star Wars and Indiana Jones are epic, land mark films. Maybe I'm old but I get nostalgic for the old time stuff. I wish they didn't try and make any more new sequels to movies like these. Those movies were magic and captured a generations imagination.

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