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Texas FIGHT!? Texas - QUIT!; will Mack Brown finally feel the heat of Texas' mediocrity?

Bob-stoops-mack-brownThis latest edition of the Red River Massacre brought to you by Bob Stoops but made possible through a grant by the Mack Brown Group, may finally be what puts Teflon Brown in t-r-o-u-b-l-e, Travis Tritt style.

Despite all of his success - a national title, another title game appearance - what we are seeing over the last two-plus years is a ticket to make those accomplishments feel like 50 years ago rather than four or five.

A 63-21 loss against the Sooners today in Dallas is as apt for the Longhorn faithful to say "Enough!" for the first time since Mack arrived in Austin to turn the program into a national, cash-cow monster.

Mack has filled the coffers, but he is not filling the win column of late.

Since finishing 13-1 in 2009 and losing to Alabama in the title game, the Horns are ...

2010: 5-7
2011: 8-5
2012: 4-2
Running 2-plus season total: 17-14

The Horns lost a total of 14 games from 2002 to 2009.

This is what we call a trend.

Saturday's beatdown at the Cotton Bowl by the Sooners was another piece of evidence of how lacking Texas has become. They are not good enough.

The Horns routinely land top 10 recruiting classes, but no team with all of that alleged talent can lose 14 games in three seasons. Every program has a dip, but this is beginning to feel a lot more than just a slip.

Despite his recent contract exentsion that should ensure every Mack Brown family member is taken care of forever, this may be the time he finally feels it.

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Ron Craig

when are the people at ut going to recognize that there is a problem at ut whenever you can recruit some of the best athletes in the country but cannot win. Lets face it, Mack Brown is not a winning coach and has no business being head of a school the size of Texas. They are loaded with talent but cannot win year after year.....wake up....

Ronnie Wayne

Defensive coordinator Manny Diaz will be the one thrown under the bus to keep the wolves away from Mack's door.

Dontarious Black

I have no dog in this (supposed) fight as I am not from around here and I didn't go to either UT or OU.

But it seems to me that UT gets pretty much the cream of the crop as far as recruiting goes. Outside of perhaps USC, who gets the pick of the California litter, UT has it the best and easiest as they are the kings in recruiting of this rich state.

You think Oklahoma high school football produces anything like the talent base that this state does? Not even close... nowhere near close.

If anyone should dominate games between these 2, it should be UT. Now sure, OU should win their share. But they should never, ever blow out a team like this in back-to-back years.

I think UT can do a heckuva lot better than good old Mack Brown.


Applewhite bring back that Greg Davis Air raid ,I love
The power run but we are in the Big12 and we do not have the
O-Line for that , I'm so sick and going crazy about those 3 and outs
Texas we need to shoot it out


I love coach brown. But I love winning football games more. It's time for Mack to go. And take nanny Diaz with you


No one on UT holds players or coaches accountable for complete and utter embarrassments on the field. I am a longtime 3 degree grad from UT who has watched or attended every game in the last 28 yrs.

Does anyone think Saban, Stoops, or even Muschamp would get the same results with UT resources? The players would have been scared to go into the locker room at half if Nick Saban was the UT coach yesterday.

The players love Mack like a grandfather. That is not what we need in a head coach in this era. Mack needs to move on to his little office by Deloss and prepare his golf game for all the charity and alumni events.

Bo Holt

UT needs to name a building after Mack-ovic Brown and let him retire. The blowout in Dallas is not acceptable. He has to go and now is not soon enough. It is his fault for the consecutive blow out losses. UT was not even a little bit competitive. Disgusting.

fred Klingeman

Third generation longhorn and never seen as bad a defense as our current Keystone Cops. Don't know whether to laugh or cry and you can't blame anyone except the coaches and the old fart

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