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Texas Tech new uniforms look like a giant energy drink

A6Y4efoCQAAkENG.jpg-largeNot sure what can be said of the new Texas Tech uniforms that are to be sported this week by the Red Raiders against Texas this weekend in Lubbock.

I know the kids love this stuff, and college coaches are thrilled whatever new toy they can use to attract the kids but ... why?

Go with one uniform at the beginning of the season and stick with it. No more of this "new uniforms at halftime" stuff.

This looks like an ArenaFootball team that is sponsored by Red Bull.


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Rick Gantt

I think you answered your own question. The kids love it. I've also seen lots worse than this. Much worse, but maybe I'm showing how old fashioned I am just like you. Besides, they almost look like the Dallas Cowboy's throwback unis, just a different color.

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