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The game we want is here - Texas Tech now MUST play TCU

ADW7909-300x272TCU was originally scheduled to play Texas Tech on Sept. 10, 2011 in a non-conference game. The Red Raiders backed out, and wanted to delay playing TCU until potentially 2015.

In July of 2011, coach Tommy Tuberville said of TCU, "That's not the type of team we want to play right now."

With TCU in the Big 12, Tech has no choice. The good news for Texas Tech is that Tuberville obviously has a team that can play TCU.

Texas Tech at TCU on Oct. 20 in Fort Worth. Don't worry Red Raider fans, you can find tickets on EBay and other outlets from the many TCU folks who are pawning their many extras.

Both Texas Tech and TCU are 5-1 and 2-1 in the Big 12, and both are coming off their most impressive wins of the season on Saturday.

This is what makes TCU joining the Big 12 highly entertaining. It is October and rather than watch TCU play New Mexico it hosts a regional rival where the outcome is unpredictable.

Both the Red Raiders and Horned Frogs will enter this game ripe to come down off the respective emotional highs of blowing out West Virginia at home, and crushing Baylor on the road with a young team.

Any outcome is conceivable.

VERY EARLY PREDICTION (these things are fluid): Home team wins. Barely.

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Glad Tech can't duck the game anymore. However, they continue to play the worst ooc schedule in college football. They've been doing it for 10 years now? What gives Tech?


I think Tech just beat a No. 5 WV and also beat a No. 3 OU last year. Doesn't really matter what your OOC schedule is. We could easily say the same thing about TCU and it's much weaker conference Mountain West.
This game will be fun and agonizing as I am a Red Raider and my wife a Horned Frog. Good times in Fort West this Saturday. Plenty of cold beer and good BBQ.


Let's not forget TCU was too scared to play in Lubbock in 2010 and backed out...all Tech did was return the favor for the 2011 season!



TCU didn't back out of the game in 2010, Tech cancelled that game too. They probably would have cancelled this years game except they can't back out of this one for once. Remember Tuberville saying that "TCU is not the type of team Tech should be playing now"? No? Typical Tech fan.


Breaking News HT.

Tubs doesnt make the schedule. We HAD to cancel a game, the big 12 moved from 4 games OOC to 3. The easiest game to cut is the one without a contract.


The funny thing is that tcu is mocking our out of conference schedule the last 10-years. The even funnier thing is that our out of conference schedule the last 10-years was their conference opponents. Hilarious my little toadies.


Here's the "real" situation as reported neutrally:

TV guys wanted Oregon St to play TCU at Jerry World in 2010.  TCU says yes but they don't want to play both Beavers in Arlington AND Raiders in Lubbock in 2010 so they ask out of the Lubbock game contract with Tech for 2010.  Tech agrees to let TCU out of their 2010/11 contract so TCU can do their Beaver game at Jerry World.

Big 12 shrinks to 10 teams increasing conference schedule from 8 to 9 games for 2011 so Tech has to drop a non-conference game from the 2011 schedule.  Tech can pay money to one of the other three non-conf opponents on the 2011 schedule to get out of their contract with those three, or Tech can simple drop TCU and pay nothing since the contract has been voided by TCU's previous action. 

Tech contacts TCU about renewing a future home and away series.  TCU doesn't return the call.

No one backed out. They mutually agreed. I wish the Ft Worth media would stick to the FACTS.


Whatever the circumstances were surrounding WHY Tech canceled the game...doesn't change the fact that they did in fact cancel the game and back out.

Anyone who can look at the situation without emotion and colored glasses on can see what happened, and it was confirmed by Tubby's comments - that playing a team of TCU's caliber was not something that those inside the program (with decision making power) were too keen on doing.

But like Mac says...doesn't really matter now. The Yellow Raiders HAVE to come to Fort Worth now...Bass boat painted helmets and all...


Hopefully tcu has expanded their jr high facility and metal bleacher setup so we can attend the game. Bad news is their stadium only seats 21000. Good news is there is not alone at their concession stand when you want some nachos. Anyone needing tickets hang outside their locker room as many if their players are selling tickets for pot money


You can't "back out" of a game that isn't on the schedule. Doesn't matter if TCwho? Has it penciled in ou their "schedule" or not; the game didn't exist.


Mj. The fact that you said that about Amon g carter shows that you know absolutely nothing about football.


Level nobody cares about your stadium that cant hold 45k people.

Back on topic, you cant back out of a game that didnt have a contract.


Thts right. You lowly Lubbock people wouldn't understand anything that costs $167 million.


It doesnt matter tech is obvoiously better than tcu


My projected score 42-14 or 42-21 TEXAS TECH spankin them frogs


NO WAY ON GOD'S GREEN EARTH does Tech's defense allow the toads to score more that 14 pts. They're set for revenge against a small man of hate.


To whoever from Tech is talking all of this trash to TCU, take a look at which school has more national championships. Also, I believe one of these two teams has never been to a BCS bowl, when the other came extremely close to making a BCS bowl 4 years in a row, in a highly underrated conference.


TCU fans still whining about not playing that game is pathetic. Get over it and move on.
This game will determine which team and program is superior. The only way it won't is if one team and their fanbase continue to live in denial and resort to excuses once the game is over--I'm obviously referring to the reaction TCU fans will have once their team gets throttled.
But as this article and their past has proven, whining is a TCU specialty.


Tech could have easily made it to a bcs bowl 4 years in a row if the best team they were playing every year was BYU


TCU self righteousness with weak conferences and history of players in program is astounding if nothing less. WVU felt superior too and look at what happened. Our OU loss looks even better per their shellacking of almighty UT. So far in conference you haven't played a good team yet until this week! We have played much tougher schedule esp in conference. BTW have you noticed our OOC teams have and are doing pretty well since we destroyed them. Also Thx for getting GlasCOW off our hands!

Reality hitting you in the face

Pathetic that TTwho continues to cry and whine about everyone accusing them of running from playing TCU. It's obvious to the world that is what TTwho did.

Texas Tech; where we sent our maid's "special" child to get "educated".

You're all really pathetic

Guys are you really serious?! This is a bolg for mature football fans. Why not say "My Coaching Staff can beat up your Coaching Staff". I'm embarassed for you both. OK, I'm more embarassed for Frog-fan - really we're talking about "what-coulda-but-didnt-cuz-your-team-is-chicken,-so-there-NYAH". Its time to take your nap....

Tech Fan

^ This is my favorite Horned frog besides my brother


HAHAHAHA you do realize Tech didn't "duck out." Blame the longhorns because they wanted a game that same week on ABC. Playing a sun belt team or playing a real team on national TV? What would you pick....

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