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The one thing the Dallas Cowboys don't want Tony Romo to become

Tony-romo-bearsIRVING, Texas - The rap on Tony Romo since he became the starting quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys back in 2006 that eventually the playground in him will win, and the picks will come.

The rep for every defensive coordinator is that if you hit and pressure a QB enough that turnovers and stupid decisions are not far behind.

In the past three games Romo has been dealing with the latter which may be leading to the former. At the very least it looks that way.

I asked Dallas Cowboys offensive line coach Bill Callahan if the way the line has played has negatively affected Tony Romo (cough-cough - loaded question - cough-cough).

"Say that again?" Callahan asked. "You have to ask him that question."

ME: You watch the film, you can tell.

Callahan: "Affect him negatively? I know this - he is one tough son of a gun to sit there in the pocket and take on what he takes on. For everybody to step into that pocket and to step up when the heat is on is a tough job. No one likes to see him get knocked down, believe me. We are doing our best to keep him clean. Does it affect him? This guy comes back time and time again. I've seen him get him, come back and make a play. With all due credit and respect, he does bounce back whether it's favorable or unfavorable."

Tony_romo--300x300Romo's eight interceptions are the second-most in the NFL, but he has only been sacked eight times. Not a horrible figure.

Romo is being ripped for his five INTs against the Bears; two of the picks were on his receivers, but there are still an additional three, which may be a product of a guy trying to do too much.

At the very least, Romo has never played scared. He may not always make the smartest play, but he always tries to make plays rather than check down with a safe throw, or a play that will save his stats.

Go back to 2007 and a Monday night game in Buffalo when he was an I-N-T machine - five - he never stopped playing. The Cowboys won 25-24. 

He can play smarter, but the worst thing that can happen to the Cowboys is if Romo loses his nerve.

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Tony Romo is not a good quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys season after season its the same old story. Every year I be so hurt when I watch my Team lose to teams I know we can beat. I feel like we are not getting no Where with Romo and we not going no Where as long as Romo is the Quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys


These articles get so old. The first two INT's in the Bear's game were clearly on the receiver. The third was arguably a fumble and hurt a lot for sure. The last two are almost laughable, at that point, the game was out of hand and Romo threw caution to the wind. We want players to understand situational football, but its clear most fans certainly don't.

Dan B.

TRADE ROMO!!!! The guy is a 'wanna-be', 'never-was'...washed up QB. He and Carson Palmer are frauds. They are not quarterbacks. We need a QB and a GM.

Kelly D.

I don't see how we turn it around this season. We have some good players, and yes; we do need a GM. BUT, we are not the only team without a GM. It's the QB. Romo just isn't going to get us there. I agree with most everything you say in your article. I think it's obvious. It's time for a change. I hope JJ wakes up and trades him.

Bobby Eu.

I'm boycotting the Dallas Cowboys until Romo is benched or gone. We can be a playoff team we just need a more CONSERVATIVE QB. I don't see how Jerry can't see this. It's obvious that everybody else has.

Ronnie Wayne

Hey Jerry Jones!

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