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The reason Texas football is average - start with the Longhorn Network ... duh?

19824206_SSHope the ESPN executives are listening, and listening good, because Mack Brown and the fine folks at the University of Texas have had enough of ESPN's unfair requests for original content to air on The Longhorn Network.

Texas would merely prefer to take the $300 million from ESPN/Disney and the network giant politely just leave them alone.

On Monday afternoon, Texas football coach Mack Brown had the brass stuff to tell the AP that his program is "a little overexposed." Mack Brown said that Texas football is overexposed.

Let that sink in - Mack Brown said that Texas football is overexposed. 

Do not think for a moment that several members of the media, and other coaches, are not enjoying this complaint a great deal. The network that Big 12 commissioner/UT AD DeLoss Dodds fought so hard to protect, and played such a huge role in Texas A&M's decision flee to the SEC, not to mention all but cost Dan Beebe his gig, is now an unfortunate headache.

Brown is tiring of the many needs the network requires to fill the 24/7 station, and he has expressed concern that anyone can watch the increased access that could give an advantage to an opposing team.

"It's a true advantage (for opponents)," Brown said. "They can watch our attitude, they can watch our coaches."

Megan_willisYes, yes ... that's why Oklahoma rolled you out of the Cotton Bowl. And why Baylor went for 50 on you in Austin. It was because the other teams could see your team's attitude, watch Manny Diaz dial up that Longhorn defense, and study the no tackling techniques employed in Austin.

What were Brown and UT expecting when they agreed to a 20-year deal with ESPN for $300 million - all softball all the time? The only way this network was going to be sold to more cable carriers was increased access to a football team that wins a lot. Softball and women's soccer isn't going to cut it.

Mack is as PR and politically savvy as any coach in recent memory and he would be better served to take this money, and to shut it when it comes to this network.


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Don't Mess With Texas

The Longhorn Network is an abomination. You deserve credit for following this story since its infancy. The balance of college football, and more importantly college education, will be affected by The Longhorn Network. It's a joke.

As a side; I hope they fire Mack Brown. Texas delivers him a ton of talent and gives him a great mantle of trust. He is blowing it on many fronts.

Antonio @ UT

Mack needs to up his game. Texas needs to put him on a short lease. They have a great brand in the University of Texas, excellent facilities, and some of the best high school football in America all over Texas. Mack needs to be a top 10 team or get off the bus.


I like sports and I like entertainment. I like the Longhorn Network. I'm from Texas, went to Texas for college. I don't see what the big deal is. Regarding the previous comment, Mack does need to start getting it done. A National Champion does not give him a pass for these years where we have been soft.

Longhorn Forever

Texas is the greatest college in the nation. Great city. Great athletics. Excellent acedmics. And student body and alumni that is second to none. Why shouldn't have our own network promoting our programs?!?!? I don't get what the opposition's problem is.

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