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Time for the Mavericks to dump Delonte West

Delontex-largeHard not to like Dallas Mavericks guard Delonte West becuase he does have a little bit of crazy in him, and some game which makes the latter worth the former.

Until it's not, which would be right now.

Today, the Mavericks indefinitely suspended Delonte West for the second time in two weeks. The regular season has not even started and this guy has been suspended twice.

Dallas Mavericks president of basketball operations Donnie Nelson said in a statement: "We have suspended Delonte for conduct detrimental to the team. The suspension is effective immediately and no other statements will be issued."

Apparently West got into a disagreement after the Mavs' preseason loss against the Thunder on Wednesday night in Wichita, Kansas.

West went to Twitter to defend himself with the following Tweets that would make any English teacher resign and take up wine consumption:

"I'm gonna just pray for um!!!...perception is not reality!!!..real is any language,culture...and what's wrong is what's wrong!!"

"All my family friends fans...who been right der wit me this uphill battle over the last 4years to get to this point....already know"

"That my name showin up in any fashion in a negative light is the worst thing that can happen.everything Ived worked towards out d window"

"Just ask u to talk with me....I'm a grown man...that's not above logic and reason...Before u go to the papers wit false information."

"If I'm not what u lookin 4 ....That's fine...just dont kick me in my ass on the way out the door....I didn't do anything to deserve that..."

"I love the city of Dallas..I love playin in the I'm not off my I ain't on no bipolar trip...this real people lives.."

"And it just ain't right..imma leave it at ill will towards no one...I'm just sittin here across from the arena wit tear in my eyes"

Delonte1With Dirk Nowitzki out after having knee surgery for a few weeks, losing West's production and ability to slash and score is not exactly something the Mavs want to do. Plus, he is a fearless player. But who are the Mavs kidding?

West has been a headache for every team since he entered the NBA as a first round pick by the Celtics. A former pro sports GM once told me, "If you are traded or not re-signed, there is always a reason and it's generally not good."

West has been diagnosed with bi-polar disorder, which is no joke, but there does come a point when the headache is not worth it.


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I wish Delonte the best. He was a good player last year. To me his tweets seem like reason to dig into the Mavs' accusations a bit more not to take an opportunity to criticize the kid's grammar.

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