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Too good to be true: A zombie 5K run is real

Walkingdeadset4'Tis the season of Great Pumpkin, and the walking dead, and zombie-loving fans who need and or like to exercise would love this. Thanks to the incredibly popular hit AMC TV show "The Walking Dead" zombies are once again are all the rage. 

The truly creative have taken zombie fun a bit further and now have a "Zombie Infested Obstacle Course Race". No kidding. This looks fantastic.

Click here for the website.

If you reside in the greater FW/d area, the closest race is in Austin on December 15, 2012.

The race is a 5K obstacle course where competitors wear a series of flags that zombies try to get; it's like flag football, only with zombies. Click here for the race rules.

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Eric watson

Hi Mac,

There is a 7K Zombie Race in
Ft. Worth called DFWZOMBIERUN.COM at
Gateway Park
750 Beach St,
Ft. Worth, TX 76111

Thought you might want to know since it's in Ft.Worth and Police and Fire Department workers and Military run free.

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