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What a drag: TV's best show begins its final season tonight - goodbye 30 Rock

D497d2b41d19e8c55bNot that this show ever thought it would be on as long as this long, but 30 Rock's final season begins tonight at 8 p.m. Click here.

The episode titled, "The Beginning of the End" starts a shortened 13-episode final season. Your normal TV seasons are around 22 episodes.

Even though this is the funniest show on TV and it has been showered with awards it never really generated a massive audience. 

"30 Rock" will have lasted seven seasons, which in TV land is 1,000 yeas, and it's one of those shows that will thrive in syndication because it does not require you to know what happened in the previous episode.

The cast of weirdo and self-important characters created by Tina Fey and the rest of the writers has given Alec Baldwin a new career, allowed Tracy Morgan to be relevant when he not have been otherwise and shown the world just how talented Liz Lemon is.

It is with equal parts anticipation to watch more new episodes, and sadness that such a fun show that made fun of everything up to and including itself is about over.

Here is the preview for tonight's episode:



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