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Who is former Dallas Cowboys TE Martellus Bennett?

11688192-largeThe absence of linebacker Sean Lee from the Dallas Cowboys was very likely greeted warmly by the New York Giants, and specifically tight end Martellus Bennett.

The former Dallas Cowboy and Texas A&M Aggie would likely have been covered by Lee, at least a little. 

After starting out so well in his first season with the Giants, Bennett's numbers have begun to flatten.



Here are his week-by-week stats:
v. Dallas 4 rec., 60 yds., 1 TD
v. TB 5 rec., 72 yds., 1 TD
at Car 6 rec., 73 yds., 1 TD
at Phi 1 rec., 2 yds.
v. Cle 3 rec., 30 yds.
at SF 1 rec., 9 yds.
v Wash 7 rec., 79 yds.

The production had really sloooooowed down after the third game. Marty B is still on pace for 57 receptions for 697 yards and 7 TDs; every one of those figures would be career highs by a wide margin.

He is playing with arguably the finest quarterback in the game right now and in a system that loves tight ends; you figure Marty B is apt to pop for another big game whether it is Sunday against the Cowboys or some other time soon.

The problem with Marty B remains is you are just never sure which player he is: The guy who ripped it up the first three games of the season, or the guy who vanished.


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The Invisible Man

Martellus Bennett is like a brother to me. That said; I think he vanishes and the Giants put a serious beat down on our Cowboys.

Ronnie Dasalle

Giants versus Cowboys is like Godzilla versus Mothra. It's going to be a battle royale. I'll have my pop corn and be tuned in. Strap it on boys. Time to game it up.

Randy Coulgnan

Cowboys are going to need all the help they can get. This is the season right here. Cowboys beat the Giants and I'll be on Stub Hub for the rest of our games. Let's pull together and get this one done.

Jason Berry, West Texas

I think you are right. Missing Sean Lee will hurt an already fragile team and defense. We can win without Sean but it will be all the harder. Good article.

The Cowboy Way

Next man up. Time to man up. We got the game. Strap it on. I like us against the Giants.

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