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A fan has started a petition to dump Jerry as Cowboys GM

Jerry-jones-tmIt was only a matter of time, but a fan has begun a petition to get rid of Jerry Jones as the GM of the Dallas Cowboys.

I noticed this petition on the comments portion of the column I wrote regarding Jerry will likely do something big this offseason if the Cowboys don't make the playoffs.

The petition states: "We are asking that Jerry Jones step down as GM, and generally bow out of all the football decisions from this point forward. We are tired of the one person that has brought nothing but shame to the Cowboys. We want changes made. We demand changes be made."

Click here to read and perhaps even sign said petition.

Good luck with that.

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Fire JJ!!

Your best article yet. I'm going to that web site now.


I just signed it. This is the last thing I'm doing as a 45 year Cowboy fan. now I'm going to leave Jerry and the Cowboys to their demise, and go be a Houston Texans fan. They have a real General Manager.


I have been a fan of the Cowboys for more years than i care to remember. Guess what?? Thats it for me. NO MORE!!! It brakes my heart to see what was once Americas team reduced to what it is under Jerrys leadership.

free agent

There are no more Dallas Cowboys. they're gone ,now, replaced by a poor collection known as the Jones'boys. Yeah, the jerseys look the same, there's a star on the helmet, and they play a facsimile of football,...but their not our Cowboys anymore. Damn you, Jerry.

Go Texans

Jerry is a lousy GM. Time for some new blood.

Till then... Go TEXANS!

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