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About that timetable for Dirk Nowitzki to return

Dirknowitzki_mainDALLAS, Texas - The addition of Derek Fisher to the Mavericks should give them some stability at the point guard - Mavs coach Rick Carlisle said Fisher will likley be the starter - but we are all kidding ourselves if we think this team is going to do a thing sans Dirk.

The good news is that Dirk Nowitzki's mentor, Holger Geschwinder, was at Mavs practice on Friday. Maybe that's a sign that Dirk is closer to returning.
The bad news is that it does not sound like Dirk is really close to returning after he had surgery on his right knee back in October.

"There is no timetable," Mavs coach Rick Carlisle said today when I asked him whether anybody should evaluate this team without its best player. "It's too early for a Dirk update every day."

Carlisle said Dirk is doing some things and improving, but that he will be back when it's time and when mother nature gives the OK.

The Mavs were scheduled to play 13 regular season games without Dirk, but that timetable has already been shot. The team is 7-9 thus far.

This is what happens to 34-year-olds recovering from surgery - healing seldom goes as projected. Older guys just need a little bit more time.

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Trade 'em

Dirk is done. Trade him to the Lakers with the rest of the world.


'trade 'em' is an idiot. Dirk is a Hall of Fame player and a once in a life time talent with plenty of good years left. 'trade 'em' needs to have his head examined.


^This.LOL. Agreed Maniac if your opinion is really to trade the face of the franchise then GTFO.

Laker Fan

Mark Cuban said that he would not trade him regardless. Even if he doesnt play again (just pointing extremes) he would have him retire his jersey as a Maverick.

Trade Em is an idiot

No Trade Clause him and kobe got one , have faith in the german sniper

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