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Aggies representin the state of Texas very well in SEC

628x471Regardless of what happens next week in Alabama, in its first season in the SEC Texas A&M proved it can hang. At least. It has done the entire state of Texas proud against the "best conference in football, including the AFC".

The decision to go behind former A&M director of athletics Bill Byrne to fire Mike Sherman to bring in Kevin Sumlin looks like a good move. The Aggies' spread offense with Johhny Manziel running all over town can indeed work against the SEC.

The Aggies are 7-2 and 4-2 in the SEC after a 38-13 whuppin' of Mississippi State on Saturday in Starkville.

Figuring A&M loses next week in Alabama, the Aggies are going to finish out the regular season 9-3 and 5-3. That should put them in third place in the SEC West. They should be in a position to win 10 games for the first time since 1998 when they won 11.

I never thought this transition would go so well. Call it good timing, a softer SEC West than expected, a better roster than expected, the Aggies are doing it.

Cynics are going to say this is a tainted SEC record because Arkansas and Auburn were both. Phooey. A&M destroyed both of the Hogs and Tigers, and defeated a better-than-expected Ole Miss team on the road. Should A&M have defeated LSU and Florida? Considering the way those respective games flowed, at least one of them.

Unless A&M completely collapses in its final three games, the Aggies' first football season in the SEC has to be considered a success.

(This still doesn't mean I like A&M's decision to leave the Big 12 for the SEC.)

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Funny. You don't hear any of those haters that were saying how bad they would do in the SEC giving them any credit now.

Not a word. Love to see them eat crow.

SEC is the Nation's Best

Aggies suck. There; that's two words.


"Aggies Suck?". Talk about profound. You know you're a beaten person when that's all you can come up with. Ha ha! Enjoy life in your second rate conference.

Aggie Juan

The move to the SEC was the right one, and the Ags will form new rivalries over time and renew the old ties with LSU and Arky. Why was it the best move, Mac? 1. More Money. 2. More exposure (ALL of the games have been televised so far, and to a MUCH wider audience, and the Ags get a lot more positive press it seems than they did playing second fiddle to the sips and ou). 3. Better cultural fit 4. Recruits. 5. Money (oh yeah, I said that already).

I do miss the Ags playing some of the B12 teams, but I can't say that the santimonious and condescending attitudes of that fool Dodds and the constant whining of Prissy Brown ('we're over exposed, I have to do too much tv.... waa..waa.)

Wish the Ags well, embrace your new brothers in TCU and WVU (how is that working out so far?), and look forward to many more years of bowing at the throne of Delost while he jockeys for position to squeeze every possible advantage from the B12 for UT. Good luck with that. We're out.

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