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Dallas Cowboys defeat Browns; fall to 8th in BCS

55ZnF.St.58In what celebrated American historian David McCullough* calls "one of the least impressive wins in the history of modern sport" the Dallas Cowboys professional football club defeated the Cleveland Browns 23-20 in overtime on Sunday.

The game had an Ishtar-like quality to it. Only Ishtar was better.

Alas, the Dallas Cowboys are 5-5 and on their way to winning the Super Bowl **. The Cowboys host the Washington Redskins on Thursday in their annual Turkey Day game and should be 6-5 very soon.

1. Dez. The Cowboys receiver is becoming like Cher in that he requires but one name.
Granted, it came against a really bad Cleveland secondary but Dez Bryant played the best game of his career - 12 receptions for 145 yards with one TD.
He was go-to, could not be covered and was the best player on the field.
For this game he is worth the headache. 

2. Speaking of Dez ... it's fun to note that Browns president Mike Holmgren tried to tell Jerry Jones before that draft not to select the Okie State WR.

16Hb2r.St.583. Offensive line. Awful. Tony Romo was sacked a career-high seven times, and the running game averaged 3.0 yards per carry. Doug Free was brutal. Whatever progress he made two years ago is gone. The Cowboys have to find his replacement.
The high ankle sprain suffered by left tackle Tyron Smith led to Jermey Pernell, who looks like the second coming of Torrin Tucker.

4. Rookie QBs facing the Cowboys continue to tear it up. Or at least not be exposed.
First it was Russell Wilson of the Seahawks in Week 2. On Sunday it was Brandon Weeden playing the part of a competent NFL quarterback. He was 20-of-35 for 210 yards with two TDs and no interceptions.
Of the three rookie passers the Cowboys have faced this season, only did Nick Foles of the Eagles look like a rookie. 

5. Tony Romo dropped back to throw 57 times and attempted 50 passes. Those numbers normally equal a loss. Despite being under constant pressure, Romo passed for 313 yards with one TD. It was his third consecutive game without an inteception.

6. There is no reason for Dez Bryant to return another punt. Now that Dwayne Harris seems to have figured this punt returning thing out, there is no reason to roll the dice with Dez.

7. Why did the Cowboys punt to Josh Cribbs late? With less than 1:20 remaining and nursing a four-point lead, Cowboys punter Brian Moorman's punt went to Cribbs at about midfield. He ripped off a 21-yard return to set up the game-tying touchdown.

HdX5m.St.588. Shout out to the referees for their fine work. The Browns gave the Cowboys 10 first downs on penalty. Ed Hochuli, we get it ... your in good shape and you like talking. The Cowboys were penalized 9 times for 92 yards, which is awful.
The Browns were penalized 12 times for 129 yards, which is God awful.

9. The Cowboys had the ball for 42:16. And they needed overtime to win. This game looked very similar to the one against the Bucs earlier this season - brutal, but ...

10. Jason Garrett. He has his team on a two-game winning streak. The last time the Cowboys won consecutive games was Nov. 20 & Nov. 24 in 2011. 

10-5 is so possible, but 8-8 still feels inevitable.

* This never actually happened.
** Won't happen. 


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JJB @ Waco

You are an okay writer.

For your next article you should let me be your guest columnist.

The title of my Cowboys article would be "We Suck".

The text or body of my article would read "We suck."

Write whatever you want but my style is more to the point.

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