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Dallas Mavericks have become a homecoming opponent

Play_e_sunsflier1_sy_200The Phoenix Suns are going to offer fans who pay for tickets and attend the Suns' game in Phoenix on Dec. 6 a full refund if they don't have fun. The opponent? Your Dallas Mavericks.

What better way to stack the deck in your favor than by playing the Mavericks. Face, meet slap.

The mighty Mavs have become the Kansas Jayhawks football team.

Your Dallas Mavericks professional basketball team is 7-9, and a mere 2-6 on the road.
The Phoenix Suns professional basketball team is also 7-9, but a stout 5-3 at home.

Where have you gone, 2006 Western Conference Finals?

Even though the Suns are in a "rebuilding" mode and feature a roster where Goran Dragic is likely the best player, they are not good enough to guarantee a win against any team but the Washington Generals/Wizards. 

Notice the Suns are not guaranteeing a victory, but merely that their fans will have fun.

Apparently the Suns' brass thinks the best way to guarantee their fans will have fun is by playing the Dallas Mavericks.



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Check yourself before you wreck yourself. I think your analogy is off about the Dallas Mavs becoming the Kansas Jayhawks football team. Kansas is saddled with Charlie 'fat boy' Weis. The Mavs have a future Hall of Famer Rick Carlisle. We suck but don't suck as bad as Kansas yet.

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