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Derek Fisher ... really?

DerekUntil Dirk Nowitzki returns from his injury the Dallas Mavericks cannot be properly evaluated. We are nearly in December, which by the calendar means he should be returning soon enough.

So far the Deron Williams-less Dallas Mavericks have been pretty much what we thought - a collection of hastily signed older guys their former employer really didn't want.

Now that includes veteran former LA Lakers and most recently OKC point guard Derek Fisher, who is going to sign with the Mavs. Whom the Mavericks release does not matter. It's not like they are going to cut an impact name.

The Mavs are 7-9, and are one of the worst teams in the league in points allowed (27th) and rebounding (21st). Nothing ticks off this head coach more than not defending and not rebounding.

Their point guard really isn't a great point guard, which is why the Indiana Pacers sent Darren Collison here during the offseason.

Collison is a good pro and a solid guy, but he's not a point guard in the traditional sense. Fisher is. The problem is Fisher is 38. The Mavs will now have eight guys on their roster who are at least 30.

Of the veterans the Mavs brought in this offseason - Chris Kaman, Elton Brand, Collison, Troy Murphy - the only one who looks like he may be a real keeper is O.J. Mayo, but his game is  not without serious flaw (defense).

Fisher is only a minor improvement, assuming he has anything left at all. And he can't address this team's issues on defense or on the boards.

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Call me 'maybe'

Let's just be glad we are not the Cowboys. Cuban has cash and is willing to pursue talent when it's out there. Sadly, we have lost out on all the desirables. We can still win some games, but I'm thinking it's time to wave the white flag, trade Dirk, and build a new Dallas Mavericks team. We did it before. We can do it again.

Round Ball

He is old, washed up, and has a ring. He will fit right in.

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