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Eddie Murphy & Beverly Hills Cop are actually coming back

220px-Brandon_T._Jackson_2012If we ever thought Hollywood was not out of original ideas we really need look no further than to see Red Dawn is being re-made, and now the 1984 comedy that made Eddy Murphy a giant star, Beverly Hills Cop, is now going to be a TV show.

It has nearly been 30 years since Axel Foley left Detroit to investigate the murder of his friend in SoCal, so maybe a reboot can work. CBS is working on this in conjunction with Murphy.

According to the above report by Entertainment Weekly, comedian Brandon T. Jackson will play the part of Axel Foley Jr. Where is Axel Foley Sr.? This report says Murphy, who is an executive producer for this series, will reprise this original role from time to time for this show.

With the exception of MASH, most films that are converted to TV shows are tremendous flops. Unless Jackson can carry this show and is as talented as Murphy, which is not going to be easy, predicting a long run for Beverly Hills Cop the TV show is a real reach. Hell, if the show can come up with a soundtrack as good I'll be thrilled.



Speaking of Eddy Murphy ... tonight on SPIKE TV November 14 , one of the great comics of his generation is going to be roasted. Not sure this is going to be as good as some of the Comedy Central roasts, but it's worth a look.



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