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Fearle$$ football picks: Miss State is getting 7 at home v. Texas A&M

Oregon-cheerleaders-13I began the 2012 season with $50 of Monopoly money, and plan to fake bet a fake $10 spot on five college/pro games against the line to see how smart I am.

Tough week. I stupidly took out my Kansas +19.5 over Texas in favor of Oklahoma -11.5 over ND. Dumb, dumb, dumb - 2-3 for the week. I'm down to plus $60 for the season.

Last week's results:
1. Texas A&M (-15) at Auburn. WAR EAGLE. LOSS
2. Notre Dame at Oklahoma (-11.5) SOONERS. LOSS
3. Texas Tech at Kansas State (-7). WILDCATS. WIN
4. New England Patriots v. St. Louis Rams 47 over/under: OVER. WIN
5. San Diego Chargers (-3) at Cleveland Browns. CHARGERS. LOSS

This week's picks:
1. Missouri at Florida (-17). GATORS. Missouri is in way over its head.
2. Texas A&M (-7) at Mississippi State. BULLDOGS. Free money.
3. Oregon (-8.5) at USC. DUCKS. Until proven otherwise ...
4. Dallas Cowboys at Atlanta Falcons (-4). COWBOYS. Just a feeling.
5. Baltimore Ravens (-3.5) at Cleveland Browns. RAVENS. Ravens aren't that good, but they are 3.5 points better than the Browns ... right? 

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TCU Student

You are right about the A&M game. Easy money. I can't believe that's the line.

Ronnie from Grapevine Lake

Are you trying to remove any doubt that you suck at picking games??? Dallas wins??? You have lost it. Dallas is going to get blown out.


Dallas Cowboys at Atlanta Falcons (-4). COWBOYS.

I knew he was dead wrong when I saw that he picked the Cowboy's over Atlanta.

The Big Mac Blog

You are all so wrong about the Cowboys getting 4 at Atlanta. I will laugh at you all as I celebrate in my fake riches!!!

Mike S. from Weatherford


The only reason you picked the Cowboys over Atlanta is to get readers. You can be as controversial as you want and nobody is going to care about this crappy blog.

I love my Cowboys but they will lose this game too.

The Big Mac Blog

Mike S - I believe Cowboys will win game straight up, so certainly the +4 is easy. This is the Chaos Theory. Falcons have been flirted with losing all year - this time it happens. Then the Cowboys will return to frustrating all of us the next week in Phi.


Hahaha You suck Easy money!!! Love it

K State Fan

Nice picks. I'm never reading this blog again. Stick to radio or whatever the hell it is you do b/c it sure ain't picking games. You are the worst.


Great picks nitwit!


Told you last week to pay attention to the Aggies, but you still think they are coached by two old men. If the defense isn't topnotch, katty bar the door. Miss. St. had only played one good team, and got beaten badly.

#1 Aggie Fan

Aggies baby! I've been tell you all along not to bet against us, that we would run the table on the SEC!!! LOOK OUT FOR THE AGGIES! YOU ARE HORRIBLE!


nice pics... why don't you stick've seen you as a sportswriter. What is it you actually do well?

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