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Fearle$$ football picks: Roll Tide (-7.5) v. Georgia

6a00d834515cf969e2012875e09219970c-320wiI began the 2012 season with $50 of Monopoly money, and plan to fake bet a fake $10 spot on five college/pro games against the line to see how smart I am. Last season, I was plus $110. This season ...

I took a week off. The week before that, I was a meager 2-3 and am now plus-$80 in fake money.

Nov. 17 - 18 results
1. Arkansas at Miss State (-6). BULLDOGS. WIN
2. Iowa State (-5) at Kansas. JAYHAWKS. LOSS
3. Kansas State (-12.5) at Baylor. CATS. LOSS
4. Cleveland Browns at Dallas Cowboys (-7.5). COWBOYS. LOSS
5. Indy Colts at New Engand Patriots (-9). PATS. WIN

This week's picks
1. UCLA at Stanford (-8.5). TREE. Big believer in Stanford's d-line.
2. Texas at Kansas State (-11.5). WILDCATS. A week off after that loss to Baylor plus it's senior day.
3. Alabama (-7.5) v. Georgia. TIDE. On to the Fake National Title game
4. Carolina Panthers (-3) at KC Chiefs. CHIEFS. Just a hunch.
5. TB Bucs at Denver Broncos (-7). BRONCOS. Manning has a big game at home.


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Michael T.

Sadly, I like all your picks this week. That can't be good for you.

Jayhawk Nations

Carolina at Kansas City. My Chiefs have looked sad all season. I appreciate the faith you have in them but I wouldn't bet the ranch on that game.



Da Bears

I don't know if you can change your choices but the Stanford game might not go your way. I still like Stanford to win this one but UCLA has a long history of giving them problems. Watch out.

High Tide

You were smart to pick us. (never pick against The Tide) Sorry we didn't cover for you but what a heck of a game. Roll on.

Look out Notre Dame.

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