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Former Texas A&M coach Mike Sherman was apparently a brilliant recruiter

155994527.0_standard_352.0Not that this will ever, ever happen but at least one person at Texas A&M should think to give Mike Sherman a phone call. A number of the players doing so well, and so instrumental in Texas A&M's success this season, are Sherman recruits.

Turns out some of these guys can really play.

Start with QB Johnny Manziel, who now officially owns all of College Station after he led the Aggies to a 29-24 win at No. 1 Alabama on Saturday. Who saw this coming?

In its first season in the SEC, Texas A&M is 8-2 overall and 6-2 in the league. The Aggies are going to beat Sam Houston State on Nov. 17 and Missouri on Nov. 24 and be 10-2.

Forget John David Crow. It's all Johnny Football all the time.

6a00e54f7fc4c588330168e60ed93d970c-320wiAll the credit goes to coach Kevin Sumlin and this current staff. Very few of us (ME!) expected this transition to go this well so soon.

It's going well because, obviously, some of these football players can play the game of football on the football field. And the vast majority of these guys tearing up the SEC were recruited by Sherman and his staff to A&M to play in the Big 12.

The irony is it was no secret Sherman, and many members of his staff, wanted no part of the SEC. Or at least thought the Aggies were going to be in over their heads initially.

Manziel, tackles Luke Joeckel, Jake Matthews, defender Damontre Moore, linebacker Sean Porter, etc were all Sherman guys.

Now, could Sherman have coached up Johnny Football? This is the same guy who had Ryan Tannehill on the bench behind Jarrod Johnson.

Manziel is going to be invited to NYC for the Heisman trophy that is going to be awarded to Kansas State's Collin Klein. If Sumlin isn't the SEC coach of the year they should junk the award.

A great job by so many up to and including the previous head coach.



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Randy King

You switched A&M's record and schedule with that of Alabama. Texas A&M is 8-2 with home games remaining against Sam Houston State and Missouri.

The Big Mac Blog

Randy - Sweet catch. I corrected it. Thanks


Come mac, you said on the radio in San Antonio that A&M/Sumlin would get creamed in the SEC. I can assure you the Aggies are very appreciative of Sherman. He laid the foundation that was totally destroyed by TCU's own Fraudchione.

The Big Mac Blog

Bob ... Indeed. I'm eating a plate of giant Aggie crow on this one. Never saw this coming this soon. Ever. Never. Ever. Never. Kuddos to "Fraudchione" ... solid work.

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