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Fox analyst Charles Davis on the determining variable for TCU v. KState

Fans of the Dallas Cowboys probably do not remember but there was a very, very brief time current Fox football color announcer Charles Davis was a Cowboy. He was a defensive back with the team in the training camp of Tom Landry's final season.

"I got cut right before the first preseason game," Davis said. 

That was the end of Davis' career as an NFLer. He is now a football analyst for Fox and will work the Kansas State at TCU game on Saturday night. We talked earlier this day about this game.

The Big Mac Blog: Do you see anything that says Kansas State QB Colin Klein is an NFL QB?
Charles Davis: I don’t believe he’s an NFL QB for a few reasons. I hate saying it because I don’t want to take away what he is as a college football player, and if he walks away with the Heisman it’s well deserved. It's not the throwing motion, it’s the speed. If you watch him throw it this year he’s faster.
You are not going to hang his passes in the Louvre next to the Mona Lisa. Is it in the right spot and on time? This season he has been all of those things. 

As a college kid it doesn’t get much better than him. I got a text from 2 NFL general managers and they asked me for my opinion on Klein as quarterback. That’s never happened before. That rings a bell.

The Big Mac Blog: Teams that go undefeated usually have one 'trip' game where they simply aren't as good and either lose, or barely win. Do you see that as a possibility for Kansas State on Saturday?

Charles Davis: I can see that for this reason - TCU is getting the momentum after winning at West Virginia. They have not won at home (in the Big 12) this season. Kansas State is plus-20 in turnover margin. TCU has 24 takeaways. Kansas State doesn't turn it over, and its quarterback hasn't thrown an interception since the third game. They have not had a game this season where they turned it over. If those happen TCU is in this game. They have proven they can hang with (Big 12) teams.

The Big Mac Blog: Is there any team that can beat Alabama?
Charles Davis: I think Kansas State can. I think they play closer to an SEC style of football than the other undefeated teams. Oregon I think could do this. They don’t make mistakes that is the key because Alabama is going to hop on mistakes.
Go back and look at the title game between Auburn and Oregon; that game was much closer. Go look at all of the SEC wins in the BCS title game and it's not like the SEC team was just blowing out everyone. This is closer than people think. 


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