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Gary Patterson is going to let Trevone Boykin speak to the media on .........

Trevone+Boykin+Iowa+State+v+TCU+Mzbe-672QFelFORT WORTH, Texas - Gary Patterson has a strict rule about freshman talk to the media, which is they don't. This includes starting quarterbacks.

The freshmen can start for the team and suit up before 50,000 fans but stand in front of a microphone? Hey, hey, hey ... sloooooow down there champ. Let's not go crazy here.

GP says the player has to earn that right ... blah blah blah. GP is not the only coach to enact this verbal neutering process. This gives everyone the chance to properly scare the hell out of the kid from saying anything remotely interesting.

Despite repeated requests from myself, AP writer Stephen Hawkins, NBC 5's Newy Scruggs and others, Patterson has not allowed redshirt freshman QB Trevone Boykin to do an interview yet.

GP said after practice on Wednesday that he would allow Boykin, who by all accounts is a good speaker and a great kid, the chance to speak after the Frogs' final regular season game against Oklahoma on Dec. 1.

Do you care? 

Ms. Cheryl Gay does. Gay works at a 7-11 very close to TCU. She may be one the most polite, and nicest, people you could ever meet. Cheryl is a big TCU fan, and asked me on Monday to write a story on Trevone but I told her GP won't let him talk to the media.

He will soon so, Cheryl, this is for you.

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The Alarm

I'm a TCU fan till the day I die and I really like what Boykin is doing but I think we are going to miss Casey for this game. I'm keeping my fingers crossed but I don't have a good feeling about this game. I have thought we could beat everybody we have played so far but this game scares me. Boykin can score but I don't think we will be able to keep up. Let's hope I'm wrong. GO FROGS!!!

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