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Hey, Dallas Cowboys fans, Sean Payton can be a free agent

697741This should be good for Jason Garrett ... the NFL has voided the contract extension signed by suspended New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton, which means he can be a free agent at the end of the season.

Let's see ... another losing, non-playoff season for the Dallas Cowboys and a free agent head coach like Sean Payton. 

Payton has not been allowed to coach since he was suspended by the NFL because of the whole Bounty Gate mess. Just a little misunderstanding.

Dallas Cowboys owner/GM/president/scout/assistant coach Jerry Jones has always had a soft spot for Payton, who always had a soft spot for Tony Romo because both are Eastern Illinois grads. Payton was with the Cowboys as a member of Bill Parcells' staff from 2003 to 2005. 

The Saints hired him as their head coach in 2006 and in that time the Saints have gone 62-34, including a Super Bowl in the 2009 season.

Payton currently lives in the greater FW/d area, but where a head coach lives has zero to do with anything.

Will the Cowboys dump Garrett to hire Payton? Probably not, but it is Jerry so you can't rule it out.

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Lee Larsen

Avoid Dallas like the monkey plague, Sean. JJ is a fool who injects his lack of knowledge of the game on to the field. You'll be much happier working for a different owner.

Nature Boy

Payton lives in the "greater FW/d area".. Good one, Mac. I like that.

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