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"Horns down": Mack Brown's latest crisis

MackJust when University of Texas football coach Mack Brown could not sound like a bigger whiner he nearly out-did himself on Monday. Almost.

A few weeks after Brown openly complained about the many problems created by The Longhorn Network now he is talking about the rude "Horns down" so openly displayed by fans who don't care about the University of Texas-Austin, including some fans in Lubbock over the weekend.

Since when is "horns down" the equivalent to the middle finger?

According to a Twitter message from longtime Austin-American Statesman columnist Kirk Bohls, Brown said: "The horns down is disrespectful. We ought to talk about that as a league."

A league? Like hell. This needs to be talked about as a country. Some sort of legislation should be on the national ballot for the Nov. 6 election. This is much bigger than anything the Big 12 has to deal with.

1. Job creation/economy
2. Peace in Middle East
3. Education
4. Horns Down 
5. Health care (if time allows)

Budget shortfalls? Not a problem, provided the Longhorn Network funnels you and your school that cash. Then complain about the responsibilities that come with $300 million over 20 years.
Horns down? My God ... do something!

The way the University of Texas and de facto commissioner DeLoss Dodds act do not be surprised if a measure is passed by the Big 12 that states no cheering for schools other than Texas.


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Ditz Walker

Sheesh. A UT player got flagged for flashing the guns up signal and yet nobody EVER gets flagged for doing the horns down. Listen to the entire quote first dummy.

Red Raider You Know

The UT player got flagged for taunting the Tech band, sitting in the south endzone stands of Jones Stadium after scoring a TD. He mimicked the “guns up” hand sign by “holstering the guns”…Big 12 officiating is the worst, but when UT has fans like Brad Van Vark officiating games, Longhorn nation can breathe a little easier…..

Ditz Walker

Right and Tech, OU and many other players have taunted UT fans with the upside down horns after scores for years with no penalties. Call them all or none at all. UT outplayed Tech plain and simple. That's 9 of 10 over the sand aggies.

Red Raider You Know

“Sand aggies”….seriously? A) West Texas has dirt, red dirt – not sand. B) Is this supposed to be some negative connotation similar to what some racist refers to someone from the Middle East, i.e. a OrangeBlood version of a racial slur? Go ahead ya big lug, call us names all you want if that makes you feel better. Galloway is right in calling you guys the “whiney orange”…..can’t penalize a fan for doing an upside down hand gesture, but you can a player…..Heck, when Tech was at OU in 2010, one of our WRs was flagged for a similar call for gesturing to the fans in the stands….except it was our fans who were sitting in Tech’s section and the gesture was making an American flag with the palms of his receiver gloves that he wore for the Wounded Warrior game against Mizzou. I’d like a helmet to helmet call back in 2009 when Potts got lit up – thanks for scrambling his brains. Or the following year UT’s DB gets away with trash talking on one play but Tech’s WR get the flag when he returns the smack on a following play…yeah y’all really “outplay” us…more like “outpay”…..burnt orange, more like rotten orange.

Ditz Walker

Or the 2008 game when the UT DE's got mugged for 60 minutes with no holding calls and cost UT a MNC shot. It works both ways pal. Players doing an upside down horn after a score should be flagged also.. no question. What a homer sand aggie call. Probably the same guys who saw Kindle get tackled every play in 2008 and never threw a flag. UT controlled the game through out. Crybaby.

Red Raider You Know

UT controlled the 2008 game throughout? Ahhh where were you watching that game? Tech had a 12-0 lead at the end of the 1Q, then had a 22-6 lead going into half. UT didn't "control" the game until 1:29 left in the GAME!!! Your credibility is shot, fella.

Ditz Walker

The game 2 days ago. Try again. LOL

Red Raider You Know

Ahhh, well hmmm. Your previous post had so many references to the 2008 game, I mean what year are you living in? Want to talk about past games? That 06 game in LBB was another one with questionable calls. But ahh, nah you want to see things the way you think they's Wall Street today, btw?



Aggies #1

Texas sucks.

Horns down.


I can't wait till Mack Brown gets fired. Maybe you can add him to your staff at the Big Mac Blog. That seems to be about all he can handle.

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