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How Johnny Football could help Texas establish a Heisman first

250px-Johnny_Manziel_in_Kyle_FieldAfter much internal debate, Johnny Manziel of Texas A&M should win the Heisman Trophy over Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te'o.

Te'o is the best defensive player on a defensive-oriented team that won games specifically because of stopping the other guy, but Manziel has been the best college player this season. Texas A&M is not having this season without Johnny Football. Notre Dame may not be undefeated, but the Irish would still have had a very good season without Te'o.

When the Heisman Trophy is awarded on Dec. 8 in New York City, Manziel should be there. He should win.

If he does win he will make history not only for his university, but the great state a Texas.

The Heisman trophy has been awarded since 1935 and seven times it has gone to players from Texas schools. While the trophy has been awarded to native Texans in consecutive years (Earl Campbell in '77, Billy Simms in '78, etc.) never has the Heisman trophy gone to a Texas school in consecutive seasons.

Robert-griffin-iii-baylorBaylor's Robert Griffin III won the award last season, meaning Johnny Football could give the Heisman a Texas Two Year Step.

Here are the Heisman winners from Texas:

1938 Davey O'Brien, TCU
1948 Doak Walker, SMU
1957 John David Crow, Texas A&M
1977 Earl Campbell, Texas
1989 Andre Ware, Houston 
1998 Ricky Williams, Texas
2011 Robert Griffin III, Baylor 




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Doug Olson

Cool trivia.


Thanks for the Texas football trivia! There's no place on earth to find better football. It's appropriate for a TX-born athlete at a TX state school to be the first freshman Heisman winner!

Adrian Petersen came the closest to winning before and where is he from??



Has there ever been 2 winners from the same hometown? If not, there will be tonight if Manziel wins...both Johnny M. & Earl Campbell were born & raised in Tyler, Texas!

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