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How the Dallas Cowboys may have caught a huge break

156286525The next four opponents for the Dallas Cowboys professional football team are junk. Junk as in none has a winning record.

11/18 v. Cleveland (2-7) 
11/22 v. Washington (3-6)
12/2 vs. Philly (3-6)
12/9 at Cincy (4-5)


There is a chance the Cowboys opponent at home on Dec. 16 may only be a .500 team, or worse. The Pittsburgh Steelers and their incredible legion of fans will come to Arlington to play the Cowboys on the 16th, and there is a decent chance the Steelers' starting quarterback won't be available.
As ESPN's Rick Reilly made sure to remind Stu Scott that he broke via Twitter on Monday night (inside sports journalism joke), QB Ben Roethlisberger suffered a pretty serious injury in the Steelers' OT win against the Kansas City Chiefs.
The rib injury is not fun, but nothing compared to the shoulder injury. This sounds as if it's far more serious than Tomlin is describing. It would have to be very, very serious if Ben R cannot play against the Cowboys. He would have to miss five consecutive games.
If Ben R can't go, the Steelers have Byron Leftwich and 87-year-old Charlie Batch as the backups.
For a Cowboys team looking for breaks, playing the Steelers without their Pro Bowl QB would be a big one.
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