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It's all set up for GSP v. Silva at Cowboys Stadium*

343_gsp.0_standard_500.0Mad props to Carlos Condit for fighting his man parts off against Georges St. Pierre in UFC 154 on Saturday night in Montreal. Even though Condit lost in a decision against GSP, he hung in and even provided one of the biggest scares in GSP's career.

GSP was the superior wrestler, and controlled the fight. He landed an elbow to Condit's forehead late in the first round that caused some Zombie-like bleeding. In the third round, Condit landed a kick to GSP's head that knocked him down and allowed Condit to get in his best punches of the night. Condit was unable to take advantage, and never did pose another serious threat.

Cut through it all - Anderson "Spider" Silva now needs to fight GSP at Cowboys Stadium in 2013. Sooner the better.

The problem? Neither sounds like they are in a rush to fight the other.

Silva, who attended Saturday's fight, has said he is not going to fight any time soon. Closer to the end of 2013. When GSP was asked about fighting Spider, he dodged the question.

But you never know ... according to this story on SI, there is just enough gray to suggest this will happen.

UFC president Dana White has said he wants to do a major fight at Cowboys Stadium, something where he can attract 100,000. Silva v. GSP would do it.

Anything less would be hard. So we may be on a holding pattern for a while before the UFC plays JerryWorld.

If GSP does want to fight sooner rather than later, his next opponent could be Johny Hendricks of Mansfield. As part of the undercard on Saturday night, Hendricks knocked out Martin Kampmann just 46 seconds into the fight.

This result could be Hendricks, who wrestled at Oklahoma State, fighting GSP for the welterweight title. It probably won't happen at Cowboys Stadium.

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Jay P. @ Royse City, Texas

I'm not a football fan or for that matter, much of a pro sports fan. Ultimate Fighting however, is the ultimate test. LOVE to see them get something on at Cowboys Stadium. It was would be off the hook. I can promise you that building has never seen a more wild crowd than a fight fan crowd. Bring it.

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